Florentino gets serious

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The last case is that of Martin Odegaard. Real Madrid opened the exit door to Arsenal last January. Now history repeats itself seven months later and the leaders of the white club have it very clear in the case of the Norwegian and many other footballers of their first team. Except players like Courtois, Benzema, Valverde, Newcomer Praise Y Vinicius (this by express wish of Ancelotti), the rest know that, if they doubt, the door is open, as long as they present an offer that meets the expectations of the club. Not even the French Mendy is oblivious to this decision.

Varane says goodbye through tears: this was his speech to the squad, the hug from Florentino …

In June, MARCA already reported that most of the players in Ancelotti’s squad were priced and among them was included Odegaard, a player who barely had opportunities with Zidane and who Now it seems that his continuity at Real Madrid is still not clear.

The leaders of Real Madrid knew that rebuilding the team was not going to be easy and what happened through the exit of some players as has been the cases of Sergio Ramos and Varane. The French center-back has been a clear example that times have changed at Real Madrid. Footballer unhappy, starting price and if the club in question reaches that money, see you later.

I could follow the central Odegaard and even some more, although the truth is that for the moment All the proposals that are coming are in the form of an assignment and never a transfer. The reality says that almost all the players of the white club have a price and the maximum they already know in the Madrid dressing room. Until August 31 there is room for possible appearances of offers or interest of teams as shown by Arsenal with Odegaard.

In this list of players who could come out the quarry has been looked at and its possible contribution. The names of Miguel Gutiérrez, Antonio Blanco and Gila are the ones who are standing out and the ones who can have the most weight in a future within the white squad, that is to say, those that could lead to the possible losses of players from the first team being less noticeable.

The plan is clear

This is in terms of possible departures, in arrivals nothing has changed. The (only) objective is Mbappé and there is no glimpse of movements in another direction. Neither in the case of Varane’s safe departure, nor in the probable case of Odegaard. As this newspaper reported, the centrals will be Nacho, Militao, Alaba plus the contribution of young people like Gila and Chust. Vallejo it could come out in the next few weeks.

Apart from that place reserved for Mbappé, no movement is foreseen. They trust what there is, although surely Ancelotti asks for some effort despite being the first to know from the mouth of Florentino Pérez that austerity was going to preside over the market except for Mbappe. The plan is marked and firm.