Five years later: Colin Kaepernick still hoping to return to the NFL


After being banished from the competition for his protest in the United States national anthem, the quarterback admits that he is still preparing to compete again.

Colin Kaepernick


© Getty ImagesColin Kaepernick

She was one of the first public figures to demonstrate by putting one knee on the ground during the intonation of the United States national anthem, causing the National Football League (NFL) banish him and prevent him from competing for his protest. Five years later, Colin Kaepernick wants a new opportunity.

The quarterback, whose last team was San Francisco 49ers In 2016, where he spent five seasons, he continues to this day training on his own, and in dialogue with the magazine EbonyHe stated that his wish is to be able to return to the grills promptly.

I’m still up at 5 a.m. training five, six days a week, making sure I’m prepared to lead a team to a Super Bowl again. That’s not something I’ll let go of regardless of the actions of the 32 (NFL) teams and their partners to deny me a jobKaepernick said.

Colin Kaepernick hopes to return to the NFL

While he acknowledged that it has been very difficult for him to deal with the fact that have the doors closed throughout the competition to be able to play again, the quarterback He assured that he still has patience to wait for the opportunity to return.

“The same way I was persistent in high school, the same way I’m going to be persistent here. They will have to keep denying me and do it publicly. You will expose yourself for it, but it will not be because I am not ready or not ready., said Kaepernick, who meanwhile, keeps doing personal projects.

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