Finally! NFL Week 4 picks arrive

Sunday night when the lights of Gillette Stadium light up to light up the stellar match of Week 4, Tom brady will become the center of attention for Buccaneers, Patriots and NFL fans in general who for months kept October 3 marked as the day of the big game.

The return of the former New England star to the old grounds where he built the nickname of The GOAT, it is the most anticipated game of the entire 2021 calendar. Under the great spotlight that it means to be televised nationally, Brady will line up in the band opposite to that of his mentor Bill Belichick. An image that will become an immediate classic of American sports broadcasts and thousands of social media posts.

From several hours leading up to the kickoff, television cameras will be taking Tom Brady’s every step. The greetings, hugs and words will be captured on the tribute night to the greatest quarterback in the Super Bowl era. Like all celebrations, the moment of greatest applause may come when TB12 captures the record for the most yards thrown in league history, a ball that will immediately go to the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

The wave of anticipation that raised the return of Brady to Foxborough, drags a torrent of money that goes from the exponential increase in the prices of the seats of the stadium, to the sports betting. It is the game that everyone has talked about and a moment to remember in any way.

If your desire is to go to the party baptized as The Return, I hope you listened to me in last week’s forecasts because with 12 hits that I completed, you almost certainly have raised money to help pay for some of the tickets that are so coveted in the secondary market, such as the famous Brady jersey that a Mexican pseudojournalist stole at the end of Super Bowl LI in Houston.

According to information published this week by the newspaper Boston Globe, the cost of tickets for the Sunday evening is the highest on record for a game involving any of the Big Four Massachusetts franchises. The average cost to see Brady’s visit to his old home is $ 1,640. Until the morning of this Wednesday, seats were available from $ 475 to $ 5,000.

The history that drives the confrontation has a cost, which not everyone can afford.

The Buccaneers land 2-1 on Sunday Night of Week 4 after losing their 10-game winning streak on the trip to the Los Angeles Rams. For their part, the New England Patriots fell at home to the New Orleans Saints.

But does anyone care about that at all?

After a deep breath, the answer is yes, everything matters when it comes to statistics.


Buccaneers (-6.5) at Patriots:

For the second week in a row the Buccaneers are part of the pairing that attracts the most attention. The journey they made eight days ago across the country from coast to coast did not end with a happy ending when they were defeated with authority by the Rams. With a 10-point gap, the Tampa Bay defense has a lot to improve for this Sunday, as they are in last place in allowed passing yards and have yielded at least 29 points during the first three games of the campaign; Although the difference is that they faced a quarterback who already have several years in the business such as: Dak Prescott, Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford. Now they go against rookie Mac Jones coming off his worst outing against the Saints.

For its part, New England’s defense has not been measured against a man close to Brady. So far they have clashes with Tua Tagovailoa, Zach Wilson, and Jameis Winston. Two of them defeated them and on the middle trip they faced another first-year quarterback. Brady completed against Los Angeles on 74.2 percent of its shipments for 432 yards.

In two seasons under head coach Bruce Arians, the Buccaneers have made the most of their games outside the NFC going 5-2.

With all the statistics in his favor and a lot of stories that will be told around him, everything suggests that Tom Brady will once again raise his eyes of revenge to tear his former team to pieces by several points without tempting the heart. However, as we pointed out in the last installment, in the NFL there is a trend in games that are defined with a score equal to or less than that of a touchdown. It is a fashion that returns like seeing again Brady in Foxborough and on the side of New England is Bill Belichick who will keep the board tight. Buccaneers 27-24 Patriots


Cardinals at Rams (-5):

With the Texans without a reliable quarterback visiting Buffalo or the Jets at home to the Titans there is at least one platoon of games that the score is so sure that it loses its forecasting grace. In the only game of Week 4 between teams without a loss, the Rams open favorites by four points against one of the most sparkling offenses in the league. Kyle Murray is burning rival defenses and when he is in trouble he is a Swiss Army knife with which he manages to cut his way to lead an offense that averages 34 points per game. The Rams took a big bite out of defeating the reigning champs at home and ruining Tom Brady’s trip to California. As with most divisional matchups, it will be more even than the betting line does not indicate. While the Rams’ dominance in recent years is evident in dominating the eight most recent commitments, let’s not expect it to cover the spread. Cardinals 35-38 Rams


Colts at Miami (-1.5):

If I can boast of anything so far, it is that in the SURE PICK and UPSET sections I have not failed. I’m more confident than Justin Tucker with a field goal attempt of less than 20 yards and also effective when it comes to going with long-range kicks. The Colts are looking for their first win after they finished the season 11-5 in 2020 so they’re not as bad as their 0-3 record for now says. They will take a break from an offense that Jacoby Brissett took emergency before the injury of Tagovailoa. It won’t be a pretty win but it will be a first for Indianapolis. Colts 20-17 Dolphins


Jaguars in Bengals (-7.5):

If there’s a chance for Jacksonville to get its first win of the year, it won’t be this week. Cincinnati is one of the biggest upsets this year with its comprehensive offense. Urban Meyer will be back for a football game in Ohio, but returns to Florida with another loss. Jaguars 20-28 Bengals

Titans (-7.5) at Jets:

For several weeks we have known Derrick Herny as an American muscle car because of the way he runs the ball, but last week against Colts he evolved into 4×4 by crashing and knocking them down like four-wheel drive. The Jets suffer a lot from their offensive line and that has made rookie Zach Wilson the most-sacked quarterback. Tennessee’s defense is not the best, but it will help their attack win. Titans 27-17 Jets

Chiefs (-7.5) at Eagles:

Philadelphia comes a short week after losing on Monday Night to the Cowboys, Andy Reid returns to the city where he almost won his first Super Bowl and although after being hospitalized for several hours for dehydration he may not be able to eat a Philly Special if he takes the plane home with the victory that cuts two losses in a row. Chiefs 30-24 Eagles

Panthers at Cowboys (-5):

With a 3-0 record, no one can deny the Panthers’ good start supported by the surprising actions of their quarterback Sam Darnold. But the game changes without Christian McCaffrey. If it weren’t for a last-second field goal the Boys could also boast 3-0. They are more solid in attack and defense improves. Panthers 23-28 Cowboys

Giants at Saints (-8):

Running back Saquon Barkley got back to taking the pulse that we knew him in his freshman year, but the injuries to the Giants continue to show up now on Daniel Jones’ receiving corps. The more offensive-oriented Saints will take another victory now that they return home. Giants 14-21 Saints

Browns (-2) at Vikings:

While it sounds like an offensive shootout on the surface, the Browns have better defense to come out with Minnesota’s victory. Browns 33-30 Vikings

Lions at Bears (-3):

When the Bears’ office thinks any of their three quarterbacks have a chance to play, they really mean they don’t have one. Detroit has come close to scoring victories in each of its three meetings and this one will be no exception. Lions 17-21 Bears

Texans in Bills (-16.5):

There isn’t much to say when bettors believe the Bills will win by two touchdowns and their respective bonus points. A game for Buffalo to solve early and hit the auto button. Texans 14-35 Bills

WFT (-1.5) in Falcons:

In last week’s game Washington Football Team collided with Buffalo and was badly hurt. In their continuation of the tour they travel to Atlanta where the Falcons are more reliable. However Matt Ryan has the weapons to beat Ron RIvera’s team. WFT 21-24 Falcons

Seahawks at 49ers (-3):

The 49ers are struggling to find a better defensive back corps but they don’t have as many problems defensively as Seattle. Jimmy Garopppolo has already shown that he can manage the game well and although the last-second loss to the Packers hurt, they will rise up to get ahead. Seahawks 20-24 49ers

Steelers at Packers (-6.5):

A showdown that reminds us of when Aaron Rodgers and the Packers beat Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV in Dallas. With Rodgers still shining and Roehtlisberger in the final days of his career, history will repeat itself. Steelers 20-28 Packers

Ravens at Broncos (-1):

The Broncos boast a 3-0 record, but they have been against three teams at 0-3. Against Lamar Jackson the story will be different if the Baltimore quarterback gets a little protection again to put on his show. Ravens 24-17 Broncos

Raiders at Chargers (-3.5):

Justin Herbert and the Chargers are coming off a hot match by defeating the Chiefs, the AFC champions. They have high-impact receivers and defense that is generally better than Las Vegas. Raiders 20-26 Chargers


Chargers -3 Under 52.5

Falcons -4.5

Patriots +7


Week 3: 12-4


Ivan 31-17

Ariel 30-18