Fantasy Football Lessons, Week 5 – 2021 | We were wrong about Rondale Moore | Sell ​​now to Myles Gaskin

This week we saw Justin Herbert play the NFL MVP, Davante Adams dominating the Bengals and the announced breakout of rookies Kadarius Toney and Kyle Pitts. Here are the most important lessons learned in Fantasy football – Week 5 NFL 2021. With the first quarter of the season on the books, we can already know more precisely which players are worth it and which players could be a bust in our teams.

Trevor Lawrence is already a viable QB in Fantasy Football

Despite the rookie QB’s poor play, a Top 15 QB in Fantasy Football can already be seen in Trevor Lawrence by the upside that gives in the running game. He had six carries and a running TD last game, showing his ability to create Fantasy points on the ground. Due to how poorly the Jaguars’ defense plays, we should expect him to throw more than 35 passes per game to catch up with opponents on the scoreboard, so the upside it is even bigger.

D’Andre Swift is one of the best picks of the Draft

This RB is having an elite use. So good is she, you could say she’s one of the best in the league. In the last article I had mentioned to you that it was time to buy it and that was the best move you could have made, since this window of opportunity has already closed. We should consider it from now on as a weekly top 8 RB. He had 74% of the Lions snaps, plus he ran 66% of the team’s routes, the highest percentage among all starting runners this week.

This number ensures stable Fantasy Football production, since when we measure the WRs, we need them to be in the 70% range, D’Andre Swift, being RB, is very close to that utilization.

This could be Rondale Moore’s moment

I had mentioned after week 2 that we should not buy the hype of the Cardinals’ WR, as it was the team’s clear WR4 and was not starting material in Fantasy Football. Despite the fact that he only ran 57% of the team’s routes – and this is a number that still does not serve to start it – he surpassed the WR3 that was Christian Kirk, and it could be that from now on he will keep that role, so more routes come your way.

Rondale Moore is seen completely explosive with the ball in his hands, as he led the team in rushing yards with 2.97 according to PFF.

Greater risers and fallers from week 5

Here are the players who fell the most and fell the most in my Fantasy Football rankings:


  • TE Dan Arnold – Jaguars: He was the tenth tight end with the most routes run of the week, he dominated 75% of the team’s routes and had 26% of targets per route run despite having a bad game.
  • RB Zack Moss – Bills: He had 74% of the team’s snaps, completely dominating Devin Singletary. In addition, he surpassed it on run routes and ran about 60% of the team’s routes, something difficult to find in a RB. We have to seriously consider this Bills running back.
  • TE Ricky Seals-Jones – Washington: Only Travis Kelce ran more routes than Seals-Jones in what was his game breakout. It had an elite use of 87% of routes run and handled 19% of targets per route run.


  • TE Robert Tonyan – Packers: I had trusted him more than the consensus did and I was wrong this time. They lowered their run routes and their use was very poor; we should consider releasing it.
  • RB Damien Williams – Bears: The Bears RB did not lead in snaps as expected and was the team’s RB2, surprisingly.
  • TE Tyler Conklin – Vikings: It has been mentioned as a good option in different places, but here it is not the case, since it runs less than 70% of routes in a primarily ground offensive, where such a volume is not enough.

Buy low, sell high

  • Buy cheap from Noah Fant: Dominated 88% of the team’s routes in a matchup hard. Without Albert Okwuegbunam in the equation, this may be your last bad week.
  • Sell ​​dear to Myles Gaskin: Credit to this great RB for having a great game – especially receiving – but we cannot expect this volume to be repeated, as two of the three starting WRs were injured and the team trailed by several possessions.

Thanks for reading me. What Fantasy Football lessons did you take from Week 5 of the 2021 NFL Season? Remember to pay attention to Tuesday’s article, where I will analyze the most attractive options to take you in Waivers for week 5. Also remember to watch the Fantasy Squad program on our YouTube channel.

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