Ezekiel Elliott “filters” in networks an alternative helmet from Dallas for this

Following the end of the “one helmet per team” rule, we have seen several teams use alternate helmets this NFL season. While some teams like the Cardinals and Saints opted for alternative designs, others like the Patriots and Giants decided to pay tribute to their history by wearing “retro” helmets and uniforms. In the case of the Cowboys, the team opted for both options for this campaign.

And although there is little left to see one of his alternative helmets in action, a Dallas player has already “leaked” on social networks how said helmet will look.

On Wednesday, running back Ezekiel Elliott posted a photo of the “retro” white helmet the Cowboys will wear this year on an Instagram story. This will take place in week 12, at the Thanksgiving game against the New York Giants on November 24.

Although this retro helmet was announced a few months ago by the cowboy team through a video, Ezekiel Elliott may have released a “spoiler” showing what said helmet actually looks like.

This is how a publication from the official Cowboys account on Twitter reveals it. There, Elliott was mentioned in relation to the photo he posted, as if they were calling him out for posting the photo. However, this may be a Dallas marketing ploy.

Recall that last July, the Cowboys officially announced the return of their “retro” uniforms for this year’s Thanksgiving game. This uniform consists of dark blue jerseys with white sleeves, plus white helmets with the lone star in blue and no borders. This honors the first cowboy team uniforms in its history, which date back to the 1960s.

Until the 2012 season, the Cowboys wore this combination every year on Thanksgiving. However, the implementation of the NFL’s “one helmet rule” through the 2021 season interrupted this tradition. Now, Dallas and other teams are choosing to pay tribute to their old uniforms, driving helmet and jersey sales among nostalgic fans and collectors.

Let’s remember that this will not be the only alternative combination of uniforms that the Cowboys will have in the 2022 season. Last August, the cowboy team announced a third alternative helmet on its social networks. This will be very similar to the retro white helmet, with the difference being the current rims on the lone star.

This white helmet will be paired with the “rush color” uniform the Cowboys have worn on previous occasions. Dubbed “Arctic Cowboys,” this look will be worn by the team in the week 17 game against the Tennessee Titans. This will take place on Thursday, December 29 at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

Aside from those uniform variations, the Cowboys are expected to play in their traditional white and silver uniforms for the remaining games of the season. The only official exception so far would be week 18 against the Commanders, who have already announced they will wear white jerseys in that game.

However, it is not ruled out that what was seen in week 8 will be repeated. There, Dallas wore his blue visitor uniform despite playing at home. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears donned their alternate uniform with orange helmets and jerseys for the second time this season.

Whether it was a “spoiler” for Ezekiel Elliott or not, there is no doubt that its publication generated a stir in the face of the Thanksgiving game. Let’s be honest: Under the Joneses, the Cowboys make getting into the media a priority. Therefore, this can be a strategy to increase the sales of these retro helmets in the season of their return.

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Ezekiel Elliott “filters” in networks an alternative helmet from Dallas for this