Explosive letter from the Romero brothers before the versions that indicated that they want to leave San Lorenzo

Ángel and Oscar, 29, had played together at Cerro Porteño. The Cyclone was the second club that allowed them to form society (@SanLorenzo)
Ángel and Oscar, 29, had played together at Cerro Porteño. The Cyclone was the second club that allowed them to form society (@SanLorenzo)

San Lorenzo He is going through a delicate moment: he has accumulated three consecutive defeats in the Professional League and the economic situation looks complicated, to the point that the leadership, today headed by Horacio Arreceygor, decided to reduce the budget by getting rid of several players; the last, Juan Ramírez (transferred to Boca). Well, in that context, Mauro Cetto, manager of the institution, declared yesterday that the payroll could be expanded in the short term. “The Romeros asked to be heard if an offer came, we gave them the OK. Selling them would be an option “.

As well, Ángel and Oscar Romero came out to cross the words of Cetto and the Barcelona present. It was through a letter that the twins posted on the Twitter account they share, @Romeroteam. The letter, addressed “to public opinion in general”, denies their desire to leave, apart from the fact that they assure that they would comply with a sale due to the situation that the Boedo club is going through. And he makes a hard X-ray of the present of the treasury of the Cyclone.

The attackers argued that those who called them to a meeting to agree on a way out were “the president of the club in office and the manager”, They pointed out that the financial situation of the institution is “dire” and remarked that they owe them 5 months of salary. At the same time, they communicated that they agreed to be negotiated to get an offer, although “ending our contracts causes us significant economic damage.”. And they stated that they will continue to be at the disposal of the coaching staff headed by Paolo Montero “until circumstances determine it.”.

Now, the content of the letter and the tone of it, suppose a cut in the relationship between the Romeros and the leadership. It sounds difficult that after such a sharp response they can wear the Barça jacket again. It remains to define what their destination may be, since the Cyclone has not yet received a specific offer for them. Is Europe, whose market closes on August 31, is it a possibility? Brazil or the MLS, with a transfer window in September? San Lorenzo, in principle, wants 4,000,000 dollars for the two chips.

The transit of the talented Paraguayans through Boedo was bumpy. Beyond having offered several good presentations, they had several encounters with coaches and teammates, which took public status. For example, they starred in friction with former DT Diego Monarriz, ups and downs with Diego Dabove; Ángel injured Andrés Herrera with a kick in training, and Ignacio Piatti, before leaving San Lorenzo to join Racing, was lapidary when describing his attitudes. Will it be the epilogue of your Barça history?


“In honor of the truth and with the sole intention of sufficiently clarifying malicious and lacking truthful versions made public in the last hours, we say:

That whoever publicly declared that we were the ones who requested to leave the institution, is untruthful, is lying maliciously, we do not know with what dark intentions.

Quite the contrary to that false assertion, what actually happened was that the president of the club in office and the manager called us to a meeting and explained that the institution is very bad economically, it is going through a difficult financial time when point of being unable to comply with what is agreed in the sports employment contract in force between the parties, in relation to the payment of our salaries in the future.

In fact, at the end of the current month of August, the current leaders will complete 5 months of salaries owed to each of us, which clearly shows that the financial situation of the institution is dire and that our situation deserves a special look, requires an urgent solution.

It is important to make it clear that after these two years of relationship with the institution, we only have words and feelings of gratitude for the San Lorenzo de Almagro club. We greatly appreciate having allowed us to fulfill the dream of playing together again, this time in a club outside our country of birth.

Since our arrival we have honored the privilege of wearing this glorious shirt by giving our best efforts while maintaining the utmost rigor in our professional commitment.

That is why, when the president and the manager asked us to agree to seek both parties the possibility that we continue our careers in another institution, despite our willingness to continue serving San Lorenzo, we had no choice but to consider The explanation of the financial impossibility of moving forward is empathetically valid, without prejudice to the right that assists us to request to effectively receive the last 5 months worked and not collected.

We understood and accepted that if our departure from the institution will give the club financial oxygen in the future, we could not oppose it, although ending our contracts will cause us significant economic damage, we will still agree to that request because we understand that the San Lorenzo club it is above any personal interest of managers, coaches, players, fans or partners.

It was never our custom to go out and deny how many false accusations were made against us, however now we believe that it is time for the truth to be known.

We made it clear once again: we did not ask to leave the club, on the contrary, we were invited to look for another club because ours can no longer fulfill the contract.

That the fan of San Lorenzo that until the circumstances determine it, we will continue offering our best effort and professionalism in honor of the high interests of this beloved institution ”.