Exemplary Griezmann


07/28/2021 –

ANDl future of Antoine Griezmann it is still not clear at all. Blocked, not one hundred percent discarded yet, his exit to the Atlético de Madrid, The player is one more in the culé discipline while waiting for news from the club. Precisely, the technicians and executives of the entity highlight the great commitment, performance, camaraderie and leadership that the French international continues to show in the Culé dressing room despite their delicate situation.

Yes Griezmann is on the market is, strictly, for economic reasons. It is true that this summer they have reached the Camp Nou signings on the offensive line, Memphis Depay and Kun Agüero, and that there will be serious competition to have minutes in attack, but if it has the transferable poster it is due to the forced economic readjustment that the dressing room has to make in its salary mass. At this time, it does not adapt to, or exceeds, the parameters set by The league.

Laporta: “The exchange for Griezmann? We are open to all offers”Barcelona Fc

Athletic, difficult

The Gaul, who is still Barcelona He has not proposed renegotiating his file as he has done with other footballers, he is not on the podium of the best paid in the block of Koeman, but it is among the most sought after, hence the Barça have thought about it to lighten your payroll and allow the incorporation of incorporations and Leo Messi. The first intention was for him to return to the Atlético de Madrid, option that the international liked bleu, but there has been no agreement between the clubs and that possibility, to this day, is stopped. Nobody dares to discard it one hundred percent because there is a lot of market left, but all parties agree that it is a very complicated operation.

The BarçaFaced with this situation, he has not stopped looking for other possible destinations for the Frenchman, although none have yet been specified and no other option has been transferred to him that may be feasible and worth analyzing. But while the technicians and executives move, the soccer player works with total normality, oblivious to the goings-on of the institution.

Commitment and leadership

From the offices they insist on the good spirit and commitment that they are showing at all times Griezmann, attitude that is also being praised by the technicians. The French international maintains his usual dedication in training sessions, he remains one of the players who does the most pineapple in the locker room and who cares most about the well-being of his teammates, and his performance and contributions on the pitch remain intact: he played half an hour against him Girona and he was active, incisive and supportive: gave him the penalty shot that caused Memphis Depay so that he signed his first as much as culé.

From the offices it is ensured that its continuity would be great news in every way for the team of Koeman, but they do not see it clearly. For that to happen, they recognize, other players must come out with important chips, such as the cases of Coutinho, Umtiti, Pjanic... Nothing is ruled out yet.