Everything you need to know about the Panthers this 2021 NFL Season

Let’s talk about a team that last year left a lot to be desired: the Carolina Panthers. The previous season they were an easy rival for most of the NFL, however, for this season they made several reforms, where the quarterback change stands out. Therefore, for this 2021 the goal is clear: fight for a place in the postseason, or at least, achieve a year with a positive mark at the end of Week 18. We leave you everything you need to know about the Panthers this NFL Season 2021.

Last season of the Panthers

To better understand the present, you have to analyze the past. How did the previous season end for the Panthers? With a bad record of 5-11, this team was the fourth worst in the National Conference, which helped them to guarantee a Top 10 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Do you want to find out more? Check here the Carolina Panthers 2020 Season Analysis.

How they got to free agency:

Carolina entered Free Agency 2021 with the need to reinforce positions such as cornerback, tight end and linebackers. For this they had the ninth best space against the NFL salary cap. Did they manage to capitalize on it? Here we leave you the NFL Free Agency Preview 2021 – Carolina Panthers.

Before and after the 2021 Draft

After solving certain problems via Free Agency, the team selected Jaycee Horn and Terrace Marshall Jr. in the NFL Draft 2021 with their first two picks. Do you want to know who else they recruited? Check it out in the 2021 NFL Draft Review: NFC South, where we review Carolina’s best picks and their divisional rivals.

The Panthers’ stories to follow for this season

  • The return of Christian McCaffrey. One of the league’s best running backs is back after missing most of last season with an ankle and shoulder injuries.
  • Sam Darnold seeks to revive his career. 2021 is the last call for Darnold to prove he can be a franchise quarterback. It is expected that he will finally make the leap in quality that he has not yet shown. And for that reason, in this article, we present you the reasons why Darnold could shine in his second (or last) chance in the NFL, now with the Panthers.
  • Can they compete in a tough division? NFC South is not the strongest division in the NFL, however, it is undeniable that on paper Carolina is the weakest team.
  • When will we see the results in what they have invested in defense? This team’s 2020 Draft was defensive in nature, and players like Derrick Brown or Yetur Gross-Matos are expected to have a second best year to establish Carolina’s defense as one of the best.
  • Do we believe Matt Rhule and Joe Brady? Rhule, the team’s head coach, and Brady, the offensive coordinator, were brought in from college football in 2020 to lift the Panthers, yet they only managed to win 5 games in their first season at the helm.
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RB Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers.

2021 NFL Season Predictions

The question is simple: how many games are the Panthers going to win in Season 2021? Discover our forecast on the future of those led by Matt Rhule for the new NFL season. Can they get into the postseason with Darnold and McCaffrey?

How does this team look in Fantasy Football?

As the 2021 NFL Season is about to start, the world of Fantasy Football boils with the organization of leagues, Drafts and settings on different platforms. That is why we bring you the Fantasy Football Preview of the 2021 NFL Season – NFC South, where you can find all the necessary information about the Panthers and their division rivals.

The Panthers’ Odds Towards Season 2021

Many dare to make analyzes and forecasts of their teams in their regular season, but few back them with money. For this reason, the First and Ten Betting team offers you the odds of the Carolina Panthers towards the 2021 Season with the possibilities that the betting houses in Las Vegas give them right now to reach the Super Bowl, win their conference, the pennant divisional, among others.

About Carolina and NFC South

Are you left with doubts? Thanks to our audiovisual content, in this video you can find out about the situation that this team and its divisional rivals are going through. You can watch the episode of NFC South through the Primero y Diez official channel on YouTube or direct from here:

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