Everything you need to know about the Buccaneers this 2021 NFL Season

Let’s talk about a team that can be blamed for absolutely nothing: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The franchise returned to the map; they managed to win Super Bowl LV with Tom Brady the previous season, marking their second title since its creation in 1976. Therefore, for this year the goal is clear: to become the 10th team to achieve a two-time championship in the league history. Te we leave everything you need to know about the Buccaneers this NFL 2021 Season.

Buccaneers last season

To better understand the present, you have to analyze the past. How did the previous season end for the Buccaneers? At 11-5, this team was second to the NFC South, however, in the postseason it looked more than anyone else and eventually ended up picking up Vince Lombardi. Do you want to find out more? Check out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020 Season Review here.

How they got to free agency:

Tampa Bay entered Free Agency 2021 with the need to take care of its free agents, in addition to reinforcing the squad in positions such as its defensive line, the running attack and its pass rush. The problem is that they barely had just over $ 10 million against the salary cap. How did they solve it? Here’s the 2021 NFL Free Agency Preview – Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Before and after the 2021 Draft

After solving certain problems via Free Agency, the team entered the 2021 NFL Draft with the last first-round pick, which they used to select the edge Joe Tyron, who has been one of the most outstanding rookies in the 2021 NFL Training Camps. they took QB Kyle Trask in the second round thinking about the future of the franchise. Do you want to know who else they incorporated? Check it out in the 2021 NFL Draft Review: NFC South, where we review Tampa Bay’s best picks and their divisional rivals.

The Buccaneers’ stories to watch for this season

  • Can they be two-time NFL champions? If successful, they would be only the tenth team in history to perform the feat. Therefore, with the roster so complete they have, the question is inevitable: do we give the Buccaneers the two-time championship at once?
  • NFC South is weaker than in 2020: With the retirement of Drew Brees, the Saints became an inferior rival and both Atlanta and Carolina are still one notch behind.
  • ALL the headlines from last year returned: brought back the full roster that they were champions with in 2020, making them one of the clear favorites to win Super Bowl LVI.
  • Tom Brady will return to play in New England in Week 4: Brady can become the fourth quarterback to beat every team in the league if he comes out with the win over the Patriots. Plus, he can break the record for the most yards thrown in NFL history. Therefore, in this article we propose What can we expect from Tom Brady in 2021 at 44 years old?
  • Are they the best team in the NFL? The question lies in how many teams will truly be able to battle the Buccaneers on the way to Super Bowl LVI.
  • In case you missed it: do not forget to visit our article The top concern of every NFC South team in 2021 where You will be able to find what concerns both Tampa Bay and its direct division rivals.
WR Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2021 NFL Season Predictions

The question is simple: How many games are the Buccaneers going to win in the 2021 Season? Discover our forecast on the future of those led by Bruce Arians for the new NFL season. Will they win the Super Bowl for the second year in a row?

Tampa Bay’s Top 5 Games of 2021

In our article The 5 best games for the Buccaneers in Season 2021 you will find the most relevant, difficult and interesting games that this team will have next season. Suitable for fans not aware of the Tampa Bay 2021 NFL Calendar.

How does this team look in Fantasy Football?

As the 2021 NFL Season is about to start, the world of Fantasy Football boils with the organization of leagues, Drafts and settings on different platforms. That is why we bring you the Fantasy Football Preview of the 2021 NFL Season – NFC South, where you can find all the necessary information about the Buccaneers and their division rivals.

The Buccaneers’ Odds Towards Season 2021

Many dare to make analyzes and forecasts of their teams in their regular season, but few back them with money. For this reason, the First and Ten Betting team offers you the odds of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers towards the 2021 Season with the possibilities that the betting houses in Las Vegas give them right now to reach the Super Bowl, win their conference, the divisional pennant, among others.

About Tampa Bay and the NFC South

Are you left with doubts? Thanks to our audiovisual content, in this video you can find out about the situation that this team and its divisional rivals are going through. You can watch the episode of NFC South through the Primero y Diez official channel on YouTube or direct from here:

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