Everything you need to know about the Broncos this 2021 NFL Season

Let’s talk about a team that last year fought more at the bottom of the table than at the top: the Denver Broncos. Last season they had the worst offense in their division and were among the top ten worst teams in the NFL. Therefore, by 2021 the goal is clear: to find a franchise quarterback who knows how to command those led by Vic Fangio to glory, or at least to the Playoffs. Here te we leave everything you need to know about the Broncos this NFL Season 2021.

Broncos last season

To better understand the present, you have to analyze the past. How did the last season end for the Broncos? At 5-11, Denver was last in the AFC West, earning it the ninth-best pick heading into the 2021 NFL Draft. Want to know more? Check out the Denver Broncos 2020 Season Review here.

How they got to free agency:

The Broncos entered Free Agency 2021 with the need to reinforce certain positions such as the secondary, and the quarterback. For this they had more than 42 million dollars available against the salary cap, being the fifth best figure in the NFL and the best within its division. How did they take advantage of this opportunity? Here we leave you the Preview of the NFL Free Agency 2021 – Denver Broncos.

Before and after the 2021 Draft

After solving certain problems via Free Agency, the team was lacking in talent, especially still on the side of the cornerbacks and the running game. Therefore, in the 2021 NFL Draft they improved both positions by selecting Patrick Surtan II and Javonte Williams. Do you want to know who else they incorporated? Check it out in the 2021 NFL Draft Review: AFC West, where we review Denver’s top picks and their divisional rivals.

The Broncos’ stories to watch for this season

  • Five years of failure to find a starting QB. After Peyton Manning’s retirement in 2016, the quarterback position for this team has been a bust. Between Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian and now Drew Lock, none have managed to fill the gap left by Manning.
  • Drew Lock, Teddy B, or someone else? One of Denver’s biggest controversies for 2021 is figuring out who his starting quarterback will be. It is time to find out if the Drew Lock project is still sustainable, if Teddy Bridgewater has a player capable of commanding this offense or if they should set their sights on the 2022 NFL Draft and land a new franchise QB.
  • Denver might have the best WR body in the league. A great corps of receivers without a quarterback at the helm, but that doesn’t stop the team of Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton from being some of the most fearsome in the NFL. Plus, with the talented TE Noah Fant, the playmakers the Broncos have everything to shine for the foreseeable future.
  • There are no excuses for Vic Fangio’s defense. We can’t deny that Fangio managed to build brutally dominant defenses in both San Francisco and Chicago, so it’s time to demand the same of him with the Broncos. With the help of safety Justin Simmons and Patrick Surtain II, who is being one of the most outstanding rookies in the 2021 NFL Training Camps, he should start to pull it off. Therefore, for this 2021 the question is: Can the Broncos defense be the best in the NFL?
  • Can they compete with the Chiefs yet? The issue for Denver is that its division is currently controlled by Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs, who still have a better roster – by far. Plus, before you even think about Kansas City, they have to outrun Justin Herbert’s Chargers.
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QB Drew Lock, Denver Broncos
QB Drew Lock, Denver Broncos

2021 NFL Season Predictions

The question is simple: How many games are the Broncos going to win in the 2021 Season? Discover our forecast on the future of those led by Vic Fangio for the new NFL season. Will they find a quarterback to guide them to the postseason or are they doomed to be the worst team in the AFC West?

Denver’s top 5 games of 2021

In our article The 5 Best Broncos Games in Season 2021 you will find the most relevant, difficult and interesting games that this team will have next season. Suitable for fans who are not aware of the Denver 2021 NFL Calendar.

How does this team look in Fantasy Football?

As the 2021 NFL Season is about to start, the world of Fantasy Football boils with the organization of leagues, Drafts and settings on different platforms. That is why we bring you the Fantasy Football Preview of the 2021 NFL Season – AFC West, where you can find all the necessary information about the Broncos and their division rivals.

The Broncos’ Odds Towards Season 2021

Many dare to make analyzes and forecasts of their teams in their regular season, but few back them with money. For this reason, the First and Ten Betting team offers you the odds of the Denver Broncos towards the 2021 Season with the possibilities that the betting houses in Las Vegas give them right now to reach the Super Bowl, win their conference, the pennant divisional, among others.

About Denver and the AFC West

Are you left with doubts? Thanks to our audiovisual content, in this video you can find out about the situation that this team and its divisional rivals are going through. You can watch the AFC West episode through the Primero y Diez official channel on YouTube or direct from here:

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