Everything you need to know about the Bears this 2021 NFL Season

Let’s talk about a team that last year was very inconsistent but still made it to the Playoffs, the Chicago Bears. With the same wins as losses, Chicago made the last-minute postseason, yet the Saints defeated them in the Wild Card Round. For this 2021 the goal is different: in the absence of clarifying who will be their starting QB, they will seek to fight Green Bay for the NFC North title to return to the Playoffs and give a better role. We leave you everything you need to know about the Bears this NFL 2021 Season.

Bears last season

To better understand the present, you have to analyze the past. How did the previous season end for the Bears? With Una decent 8-8 record this team was second in the NFC North and made the postseason in the final week of the regular season by becoming the seventh seed in the National Conference. Do you want to find out more? Check here the Chicago Bears 2020 Season Analysis.

How they got to free agency:

Chicago entered Free Agency in 2021 with the need to reinforce certain positions such as its quarterback, secondary and defensive line. However, they were three million over the salary cap. How did they solve it? Here we leave you the Preview to the Free Agency NFL 2021 – Chicago Bears.

Before and after the 2021 Draft

After solving certain problems via Free Agency, the team entered the 2021 NFL Draft still in need of its next franchise quarterback and a good offensive tackle. They fixed the above by selecting both Justin Fields and Teven Jenkins. Do you want to know who else they incorporated? Check it out in the 2021 NFL Draft Review: NFC North, where we review Chicago’s best picks and their divisional rivals.

The Bears’ stories to watch for this season

  • When will Justin Fields start? In this offseason the Bears brought in QB Andy Dalton in free agency, however, in the last Draft they selected rookie Justin Fields. And although HC Matt Nagy has already pointed out that the battle to be the starting QB in 2021 was won by Dalton, it will only be a matter of time before he is relegated to the bench. In what that happens, here we tell you what has excited the most (and what not so much) about what we have seen from Justin Fields so far.
  • Matt Nagy’s level of “bacon factor”. In his three years as the head coach of this team, Nagy is 28-20, yet he is 0-2 in the postseason, and there are many doubts as to whether he is the right one to exploit the talents of Justin Fields and the Bears. in need of a return to glory.
  • Allen Robinson and… Who else on this offense? Allen Robinson has already shown us that he is one of the best WRs in the NFL, however, after him, the depth chart Chicago is a problem; neither Damiere Byrd, Darnell Mooney or Riley Ridley offer the reliability required to build a dominant offense.
  • Do you still have an elite defense in the NFL? It is undeniable that the defense of this team is still good, however, it is entering this threshold where it will begin to age. They still have many dominant players, but age can work against them: Khalil Mack, Robert Quinn, Desmond Trufant, Tashaun Gibson, they are already in their 30s and sooner or later they will start to break down.
  • What does this team aspire to in 2021? It all depends on who your starting quarterback is. Led by Andy Dalton, the Bears will aspire not to finish last in their division; to not be as bad as Detroit. But with Justin Fields they could hope to compete for second place with the Vikings and for a postseason berth.
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DT Akiem Hicks, Chicago Bears
DT Akiem Hicks, Chicago Bears

2021 NFL Season Predictions

The question is simple: how many games are the Bears going to win in Season 2021? Discover our forecast on the future of those led by Matt Nagy for the new NFL season. Can Justin Fields get the boat afloat or will they have another smash failure with their franchise quarterback?

Chicago’s top 5 games of 2021

In our article The 5 best games for the Bears in Season 2021 you will find the most relevant, difficult and interesting games that this team will have next season. Suitable for fans who are not aware of the Chicago 2021 NFL Calendar.

How does this team look in Fantasy Football?

As the 2021 NFL Season is about to start, the world of Fantasy Football boils with the organization of leagues, Drafts and settings on different platforms. That is why we bring you the Fantasy Football Preview of the 2021 NFL Season – NFC North, where you can find all the necessary information about the Bears and their division rivals.

The Bears’ Odds Towards Season 2021

Many dare to make analyzes and forecasts of their teams in their regular season, but few back them with money. Therefore, the First and Ten Betting team offers you the odds of the Chicago Bears towards the 2021 Season with the possibilities that the betting houses in Las Vegas give them right now to reach the Super Bowl, win their conference, the pennant divisional, among others.

About Chicago and the NFC North

Are you left with doubts? Thanks to our audiovisual content, in this video you can find out about the situation that this team and its divisional rivals are going through. You can watch the NFC North episode through the Primero y Diez official channel on YouTube or direct from here:

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