Euro 2020: this is how the 8th crosses remain. final and the groups after the first phase

The Group Stage of EURO 2020 has ended and the nations that will be present in the next knockout stage that will begin at the weekend have been defined. With most of the top teams ranked, fans can expect great games.

ESPN Digital It shows you how each of the groups were, which squads advanced and what the Eighth Finals crosses will be like.

Group A | Through: Italy (9pts), Wales (4pts) and Switzerland (4pts) | Eliminated: Turkey (0pts)

Roberto Mancini’s mighty Italy was one of the top picks during the Group Stage and positioned themselves as one of the top favorites to win the title. The ‘Azzurra’ beat all the squads in their group and qualified for the Round of 16 without allowing a single score in exchange for seven goals scored.

For its part, the Wales of Gareth Bale they qualified second for best goal difference, while Switzerland advanced as one of the best third in the tournament.

Group B | Through: Belgium (9pts), Denmark (3pts) | Eliminated: Finland (3pts) and Russia (3pts)

Belgium proved why they occupy the top position in the FIFA rankings by winning all three of their matches in the group stage. With Kevin De Bruyne Y Romelu lukaku As the main figures of the squad, the ‘Red Devils’ are for many the favorites to win the Euro although a sector of the fans is waiting for the level that the Belgian team shows against more powerful nations.

On the other hand, Denmark, which was marked by the departure of Christian eriksen from the competition after fainting on his debut against Finland, he managed to qualify in second place thanks to his goal difference and will arrive inspired by the next round after his extraordinary performance against Russia.

Group C | Through: Netherlands (9pts), Austria (6pts), Ukraine (3pts) | Eliminated: North Macedonia (0pts)

The ‘Clockwork Orange’ returned to Europe to show why it is one of the best squads on the Old Continent. The Netherlands team won all three of their group stage matches and stood out for scoring eight goals and only conceding two touchdowns against.

Below the Netherlands is Austria’s squad, which ranked second with six units. For their part, Ukraine managed to get into the knockout phase despite losing two of their three matches, but their 2-1 win over Macedonia will allow them to continue dreaming of the title.

Group D | Through: England (7pts), Croatia (4pts), Czech Rep. (4pts) | Eliminated: Scotland (1pts)

This group had to wait until the last day to define which would be the teams that would qualify for the Round of 16, as well as in which position they would advance. In the end, England were proclaimed “champions” of Group D with seven points, although a sector of the English fans is concerned that Gareth Southgate’s selection only scored two goals in this instance.

Croatia and the Czech Republic, second and third respectively, advanced to the next stage of the competition with four points each. The Croatian team advanced in second position due to having more goals in favor (4) than the Czech team (3).

Group E | Through: Sweden (7pts), Spain (5pts) | Eliminated: Slovakia (3pts), Poland (1pts)

Sweden became one of the group stage surprises by advancing to the Round of 16 in first place in sector E. The Swedish squad did not lose a match and have a chance of advancing to the Quarterfinals by facing third place.

Spain closed the group stage with a resounding 5-0 win against Slovakia, which surprised by making their debut in the competition with a win over Poland, a squad that became one of the tournament’s biggest disappointments when they ended their participation with just one point.

Group F | Through: France (5pts), Germany (4pts) Portugal (4pts) | Eliminated: Hungary (2pts)

In an exciting close to the group stage, France finished in first place in their sector, drawing their last match with Portugal, a squad that managed to qualify for the Round of 16 as one of the best third parties.

For their part, Germany advanced to the next round in second place by salvaging the draw against Hungary in the final minutes of the match.


Saturday June 26
37 – Welsh vs. Denmark (Amsterdam)
38 – Italy vs. Austria (London)

Sunday June 27
39 – Holland vs. Czech Republic (Budapest)
40 – Belgium vs. Portugal (Seville)

Monday June 28
41 – Croatia vs. Spain (Copenhagen)
42 – France vs. Swiss (Bucharest)

Tuesday June 29
43 – England vs. Germany (London)
44 – Sweden vs. Ukraine (Glasgow)


Friday july 2
45 – Winner of Match No. 41 vs. Winner of Match No. 42 (St. Petersburg)
46 – Winner of Match No. 37 vs. Winner of Match No. 39 (Munich)

Saturday july 3
47 – Winner of Match No. 38 vs. Winner of Match No. 40 (Baku)
48 – Winner of Match No. 43 vs. Winner of Match No. 44 (Roma)


49 – Winner of Match No. 45 vs. Winner of Match 46 (London)

50 – Winner of Match No. 47 vs. Winner of Match 48 (London)


Sunday July 11
Winner of Match No. 49 vs. Winner of Match 50 (London)