Eduardo Bennett on the ‘H’: ‘Coitus has had the possibility of inventing; he protects players’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Eduardo Bennett on the H Coitus has had the possibility

The Former Honduran soccer player who became a coach and sports analyst, Eduardo Bennett, gave his analysis of the removal of lto H in the 2021 Gold Cup, losing 3-0 to Mexico in the quarterfinals.

In an intervention with Jorge Fermán, Bennett ignored the excuse of the underperformance of the national team due to the loss of Covid-19 and other injuries. According to him, Fabian Coito should have a “plan A, B and C”.

“At least it was possible to go to the next round, the next thing is that some players fail, it is a reality for the high competition. Coito has to have a plan A, B and C,” said Eduardo Bennett.

“I thought we could lose, but I expected something more. I believe in these players, I believe in their ability, but they are also giving an answer to the coach if they are suitable or not for a future call-up; with what has been seen, some have been failed, he reflected.

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Bennett made it clear that in this tournament, the Uruguayan DT already carried out the tests he had to do, but that he must study well his next decisions regarding the Octagonal. In addition, he questioned the fact that he “dies” with some footballers.

“Intercourse has had the possibility of inventing, taking risks, putting whoever he would like -because he thinks so-, it is different that it is correct or that it has the potential to play under that pressure, different is that it is intelligent and knows how to take advantage of the situation of the possibility that is offered to him, “he continued.

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And he added: “He died with Diego Rodríguez; he protects players, has respected players and has given them a chance, but they have not responded.”

Finally, he warned of the level shown by El Salvador, rival of Honduras Way to Qatar World Cup 2022.