Dolphins win the race for Bradley Chubb

Lyou miami dolphins they go ‘all in’ this season and they got one of the most sought after players in the change deadline, Bradley Chubb.

Miami won the race against teams like the Rams, sending Denver a selection of first round of the 2023 Draft, a fourth round in that same year and running back Chase Edmondsreceiving Chubb and a fifth-round pick in the 2025 Draft.

Miami is 5-3, but all three losses came in games in which Tua Tagovailoa did not finish. In the week 9they will be measured against another team very involved in the changes, the Chicago Bears. The Broncos, at 3-5, seem to throw in the towel on the season by letting go of one of their best players.

The selection of The first round that Miami sends to Denver is the one they received from San Francisco in 2021when the 49ers went up to pick the quarterback Trey Lance. Their first round pick was lost as part of the penalties for sound out Tom Brady and Sean Payton in the summer.

Chubb is playing under the final year of his contract. After adding 12 sacks in 2018, his first year in the NFL, missed 24 of the next 49 games with injury, racking up just one sack in 2019 and went scoreless in 2021, which is why Denver didn’t offer him a new contract.

This season has been another story, with 5.5 sacks, and it reaches arenforce a Miami weakness, who are tied for 21st in sacks, with just 15, and are the fourth worst in pressure percentage with 14.8%, according to ProFootballReference.

Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers agree to trade for Jeff Wilson.

Miami agrees with the 49ers a trade for Jeff Wilson

The dominoes continue to fall and, after taking Christian McCaffrey, San Francisco sends Jeff Wilson to the Dolphins.

Wilson took over after the injury of eli mitchell in week 1, but went back to the bench with the arrival of CMC.

Miami sends a selection of fifth round of the 2023 Draft in exchange for Wilson, thus supplying the departure of Chase Edmonds’ Dener. Wilson has a past with the brandyhMike McDaniel, who was offensive coordinator of the 49ers last season, where he also coincided with Raheem Mostert, today starting running back for the Dolphins.

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Dolphins win the race for Bradley Chubb