Do you want to see the Rams against the 49ers? it will cost you a lot

Tickets for Sunday’s game by the Rams against the 49ers are the most expensive of any NFL playoff game. At an average price of $824, tickets to Sunday’s game at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium will cost almost $300 more than an average ticket to the Chiefs-Bengals game later that day in Kansas City, Mo.

When the Rams hosted the Arizona Cardinals in a wild card game on Jan. 17, tickets averaged $154.

This weekend’s price tag of $824 is significantly higher than the previous NFC championship game that was played with fans in attendance. On January 19, 2020, viewers paid an average of $525 to watch the 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers 37-20 in Santa Clara. The 2021 NFL championship games did not have crowds due to the pandemic.

Ticket prices for the AFC championship are up nearly 40% from 2020, but that pales in comparison to the NFC game, which is up 57%.

The fact that the Rams, a fourth seed, are hosting this game against the 49ers was not expected. At the start of the playoffs, the No. 1-seeded Green Bay Packers, led by MVP candidate Aaron Rogers, were the favorites to host and win the NFC championship game. During last weekend’s divisional round, the Packers were beaten by the sixth-seeded 49ers while the Rams eliminated the second-seeded Buccaneers in Tampa, Florida.

The Rams box office has instituted a policy of limiting ticket sales to Los Angeles County residents only for the 49ers matchup. Golden State’s previous matchup on Jan. 9 in Inglewood had 60% of the attendees registered as 49ers fans, according to Vivid Seats, a ticket marketplace.

The Rams’ front office lifted the policy a few days later, but only after season ticket holders had purchased all available seats and tickets were only available through scalpers.

There is a huge presence of 49ers fans in Los Angeles. In a 2014 Twitter report, the 49ers were the most followed team in Los Angeles County. For the 2021 season, a majority of fans in one in three county zip codes preferred to purchase 49ers tickets over Rams tickets when traveling to watch a football game.

The Rams aren’t the only team trying to limit the number of visiting fans. For their AFC division game, the Tennessee Titans limited ticket sales to the Nashville area, but eventually released tickets to all buyers 24 hours before kickoff. It did little to stifle the Cincinnati Bengals, as the top-seeded Titans were down 19-16.

Despite these barriers, 49ers fans are expected to show up strong. According to StubHub, 43% of ticket sales in California are from Northern California, while 57% are from Southern California.

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Do you want to see the Rams against the 49ers? it will cost you a lot