Do we give the Buccaneers the two-time championship in 2021?

NFC South is weaker than 2020, ALL of last year’s headlines returned, Tom Brady plays like he’s ten years younger. Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the best team in the NFL? Have we already given them the two-time championship? What are we losing sight of in the panorama to prevent such a feat from taking place?

Do we give the Buccaneers the two-time championship in 2021?

This we asked our members of Scouting Combine Virtual and these were the best answers.

Rodrigo Fernandez

2020 is not a year to measure how the teams will be this season. It was a very atypical year: too many key injuries in other competitors, lack of preseason and little cohesion between the new faces that came to their new teams made the more experienced teams with better leaders go ahead. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers grew as Tom Brady grew with them, from the coach to the weakest link they adapted to the system and made a dream season possible for this team. In the end, the squad that best adapted to the pandemic won, that had better leaders and the one that suffered the fewest injuries in positions of importance.

I think the Bucs can repeat because they have these strengths:

  • Tom Brady: They can say what they want about TB12, but it is a winner, there are teams and players who know how to win and Brady is one of them.
  • Roster: I’m not a fan of this year’s Bucs Draft, but not losing players in free agency for a champion team is already an achievement, I mean they were champions for a reason.
  • Defense: The Bucs had 6th defense in yards allowed in 2020 , a unit that returns in full and with great possibilities of being in the top 5 this year. It will have a lot of competition like the Rams, 49rs, Broncos and Steelers, but I don’t see why they can’t repeat this year as a great strength.
  • Tom Bowles: Coordinator has a great defensive resume and knows how to exploit the virtues of each of his players very well, one of the staff elements to follow this year in the NFL.

Championships are not won in August and September, and it would be wrong for me to call any team champion at this point in the season, but with Tom Brady anything can happen. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have good coaches, a great fans, the same squad returns last year and they have Tom Brady, I don’t see why they can’t repeat to be champions, but it is true that the teams that last year suffered from so many injuries they’re going to have a say this year, and they’re not going to make it easy for the Bucs.

Enrique Ortega

The 2021 season of the NFL has one of its great attractions to know if there can be a new two-time champion, for the first time since the Patriots did it at the beginning of the century. Again the protagonist is Tom Brady and the main ingredient to consider is that they brought back all those who lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy last February in Tampa Bay, something unprecedented in the era of the NFL Free Agency, highlighting the return of offensive names like TE Rob Gronkowski, RB Leonard Fournette and WR Chris Godwin. In addition, Shaquil Barrett’s contract extension suggests that he will continue to be one of the best defenders in the entire league.

Another point to make the thought stronger for the two-time championship to reach Tampa Bay is the South Division of the National Conference. With the retirement of Drew Brees from the Saints, a division has been greatly diminished in level. I do not know how New Orleans, Carolina or Atlanta can take the division title from him, or even if they can defeat him in one of the two games that face them. This would open the way for the team led by Bruce Arians to fight for the top seed in the National Conference.

Reviewing other NFC teams, they look like rivals that can compete at the height of the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams. Both teams could have what it takes to stop a great attack led by Tom Brady as they are one of the strongest defenses in the entire league, coupled with teams with an above-average attack. It will not be an easy task for Tampa Bay to go out and find another championship.

Do you think Tom Brady’s Patriots will repeat as NFL champions after the 2021 Season? What factors could prevent it?