Did you pick Tom Brady? Joe Burrow chose the best player in the history of the NFL


In 2020, Joe Burrow broke the silence, spoke about the Tom Brady comparison and chose the greatest player in NFL history.

Tom Brady and Joe Burrow
© Getty ImagesTom Brady and Joe Burrow

The preview of the Super Bowl 2022 that they will play Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals has a guest from then that will always be remembered when the NFL finals are played. Tom Brady said present and is a common denominator when talking about Joe Burrow.

In the world of NFL a comparison between Brady and Burrow was installed that sparked all kinds of opinions. And it is not for less… Joe’s second season in the best American football in the world has him as one of the candidates to win the MVP award next to Tom himself and Aaron Rodgers.

Joe Burrow led the 2021 NFL season in yards per pass attempt (8.9) and in completion percentage with 70.4 percent. This and much more, how to get to the Super Bowl LVI, he did it with just 25 years and only two seasons in the league. Not bad, right?

Burrow’s prowess on the NFL gridiron prompted Los Angeles Rams star Von Miller to use him in the same sentence with Tom Brady. They see some TB12 in Joe. And the similarities were not going to stop there because the very Rob Gronkowski also entered the debate.

Gronkowski was encouraged to choose the quarterback he would like to play with after tom brady’s retirement since you can’t guess who he chose… In this context, one of the protagonists of the epic comparison broke the silence and since 2020 made it clear what he thinks about the similarities with TB12. Joe Burrow was even encouraged to choose the NFL’s GOAT.

Joe Burrow named Tom Brady the greatest player in NFL history.

“Please, do not compare me with the best player of all time. Let me do my thing. Please don’t do that to me.” Joe Burrow said about Tom Brady and the comparison they make with TB12 himself.

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Did you pick Tom Brady? Joe Burrow chose the best player in the history of the NFL