Deshaun Watson shows up for his first day on the job with the Cleveland Browns; Baker Mayfield absent

The Browns opened their offseason activities program, showing off their new quarterback on social media, and without the presence of the previous quarterback

the quarterback deshaun watsonformer of the Houston Texansand who was absent from the NFL a year for accusations of sexual harassment, appeared this Tuesday to begin preseason work with his new team, the cleveland browns.

Watsonwho signed a contract for 230 million dollars and five years with the Brown’sdid not play in the 2021 season due to the 22 lawsuits he had against him for sexual abuse and sexual misconduct during massage sessions.

Last March a grand jury of Texas dismissed criminal charges against the passer and finished the process against him, after which Watson signed with the Brown’s.

“I’m just going to keep fighting to rebuild my name and my appearance in the community,” the quarterback said at the end of a grand jury session in mid-March.

Despite the fact that the player did not receive criminal charges, he still awaits a sanction from the NFL and 22 civil lawsuits that remain active.

This Tuesday on the social networks of the cleveland browns posted a photo of Watson clad in a black jacket; the player posed with a smile while raising his index fingers in a sign of number one.

The passer who played in jersey number four in the Texans came to houston selected in the first round of Draft 2017and since his rookie season he projected a bright future.

He got three consecutive appointments to the Pro Bowl between 2018 and 2020, a season in which he also finished as the league leader in passing yards NFL.

In addition to Watsonalso showed up at the first day of training quarterback Josh Dobbs, who comes from the Pittsburgh Steelersand appears as a backup of the former player of the Texans.

With this team of passers, the return of Baker Mayfieldthe starting quarterback for the Brown’s in 2021, which was not present in this return to training.

In fact, as soon as Mayfield found out that the coach’s team Kevin Stefanski wanted to Watson asked to be transferred to another team, something that has not happened yet.

In the past week Mayfield accused cleveland of having disrespected him not only by hiring Watsonbut because of the little stability shown by the Brown’sthrough which four different coaches have passed since he arrived at the team, in 2018.

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Deshaun Watson shows up for his first day on the job with the Cleveland Browns; Baker Mayfield absent