Deshaun Watson leads: The 2022 NFL players with the most guaranteed money on their contracts


The portal Spotrac He presented the list of athletes, by position, who have the highest salary in their contracts and who will see action in the next season.

Deshaun Watson in action with the Cleveland Browns
© Mike Carlson/Getty ImagesDeshaun Watson in action with the Cleveland Browns

This weekend concludes 2022 preseason of the National Football League (NFL)where we have seen back, for example, players like deshaun watsonwhich did not see action in 2021, and we are two weeks away from the start of the new campaign.

During this off-season we have witnessed an event that could be considered historical, since we have witnessed the largest contract extensions that have been seen in the competition, confirming why it is the discipline that moves the most money in the world.

In this sense, the portal Spotrac He reviewed the players who will participate in the 2022 NFL season, and who have the contracts with the most guaranteed moneythat is to say, that they will receive without setbacks, where it is Watson, who will just be released in Week 11, who commands the list.

The NFL players with the most guaranteed money in contracts

Field Marshal of cleveland browns is the one who will receive the largest insured amount, with $230 million dollars for five seasons, being the best paid in his position; then his partner appears Myles Garrettthe defensive end who will receive $100 million.

The second with the most guaranteed money in NFL 2022 is the lineman Joey Bosafor which Los Angeles Chargers will cancel $120 million dollars; further back is the defensive tackle Aaron Donaldchampion with ramswho will pay you $95 million; while his partner on offense cooper kuppwill be the highest paid recipient, with $75 million.

The list continues with Denzel Wardcornerback for the Browns with $71.25 million guaranteed; Ronnie Stanleyoffensive lineman Baltimore Ravenswith $64 million; and the corridor Ezekiel Elliottwhom Dallas Cowboys assures you $50 million dollars.

Then we find Derwin Jamesthe security highest paid in history, with $42 million; George Kittletight end of San Francisco 49ers with $40 million; Justin Tuckerthe Ravens’ highest-paid kicker of all time at his position, with $17.5 millionand close the list pointer Michael Dicksonwhom Seattle Seahawks guarantees you $7.5 million dollars.

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Deshaun Watson leads: The 2022 NFL players with the most guaranteed money on their contracts