Derrick Henry makes us ask for the NFL MVP for a RB again

By: Enrique Ortega / (@kike_ortega_).

One more NFL season in which the Tennessee Titans are still a solid team in the American Conference and this is due to another monstrous start by Derrick Henry as a running back. The numbers show that unless he sustains a major injury, Henry will once again lead the league in yardage at the end of the season. But beyond his dominance at the position, the player must have significant credentials to be a solid MVP candidate.

Derrick Henry continues to dominate the NFL

A huge pace is the one that Henry has so far with 868 yards on the ground; that is, 190 yards ahead of second place in the runner ranking which belongs to Jonathan Taylor of the Colts. Without a doubt, Derrick Henry is the best in his position in the league and most impressive of all is that he still does not slow down from what has been demonstrated for two seasons when he began to explode in the NFL.

The statistic and difference it has in total yards is what attracts the most attention. But also Henry leads in his position the ranking of carries with a total of 191, leader of rushing touchdowns with 10 and the incredible 432 yards that accumulates after the contact. This is how the Titans’ RB shows the great physical capacity he has to always seek to accumulate more yards.

All these brands that you currently have in your possession King henry, make it the soul of the Tennessee attack, thus replicating what happened in previous years. Ryan Tannehill is still the perfect QB to be able to manage the ball safely and with the threat that Derrick is, he perfectly executes the play-action, with his two tremendous WRs: AJ Brown and Julio Jones.

The great level of Derrick Henry and the complementary attack that the Titans have have combined to continue being that dangerous team in the South Division and the American Conference. With a record of (5-2) they are tied with the Bengals, Raiders and Ravens as the best seeds, a rhythm that makes them favorites in their division and with their eyes on Week 8 that they will face the Indianapolis Colts, in what may be an important step towards a playoff berth.

Can Derrick Henry be NFL MVP in 2021?

In more recent years, the MVP award has been limited to quarterbacks, leaving the Offensive of the Year award for running backs. It was in 2013 the last time that an RB managed to take the award, in the figure of Adrian Peterson, when he set NFL records with the Minnesota Vikings.

This situation should have a high probability of breaking in the 2021 season with the great year that Derrick Henry projects.

Henry’s numbers are spectacular and there is no question that he is the most dominant in his position in years. Now it’s time to compare it with the best passers at the moment. Being Kyler Murray of the Cardinals, Matthew Stafford of the Rams and Tom Brady of the Buccaneers those who have better started the regular season, after a third elapsed.

The three, like Henry, have been essential to have their teams among the best at the moment. Brady is the leader in yards thrown, Stafford is in third place and Murray is fifth, showing his elite category in the league, and it is those that Derrick Henry must face to achieve that award, which this year does not look so wild.

Derrick Henry has the arguments to take the MVP, above the three QBs, but to be in the conversation and aspire to enough votes, he will have to keep up; looking to once again overcome the 2,000-yard rushing gap and place the Tennessee Titans as a Super Bowl candidate team.

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Derrick Henry makes us ask for the NFL MVP for a RB again