Derrick Henry and the 5 best plays of week 7 in the NFL 2021


It was the seventh week of action in NFL 2021 and here are the top five plays of the day, including a tremendous pass, yes, pass from Derrick Henry.

Derrick Henry.


© Wesley Hitt / Getty ImagesDerrick Henry.

The National Football League He has already finished his seventh week of the 2021 season and left a lot of incredible action to analyze. The teams already work together and you can see more and more exciting plays that we show you here.

The cutest thing about the best American football league in the world is that there will never be a lack of good plays. The spectacularity it is part of the sport and with elite athletes, the chances of seeing memorable actions are high.

From Bolavip We are going to show you what were the best five plays of the seventh date, where it had several protagonists, among them Derrick Henry and a pass! for scoring, and other renowned players as well, who did spectacular things.

5. DK Metcalf – Seattle Seahawks

The fifth place goes to the power and speed of DK Metcalf. The WR received a pass from Geno Smith laying his marker down, he eluded safety and ran into the end zone for an 84-yard TD. An animal.

4. Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Agholor – New England Patriots

In one of two cheating plays in the ranking, this is typical of the Patriots. This time, Mac Jones made a side pass to the receiver Kendrick bourne, who dressed as a marshal and gave it to Agholor for the nifty touchdown.

3. Derrick Henry and MyCole Pruitt – Tennessee Titans

In the crushed of the Titans to the Chiefs, Derrick Henry he listened to critics who said you had to be a quarterback to win MVP and he did just that. He received the snap and with a jump in the middle, he gave the touchdown pass to the tight end. Pruitt.

2. Ja’Marr Chase – Cincinnati Bengals

Chase He has been the most recurring player in this weekly top, and as a rookie he is the leader in yards in the NFL. On this play, he receives the pass from Joe burrow And, with a tremendous twist in the way, he dropped three tackles to get sharp and ran more than 70 yards to the touchdown.

1. Kyle Pitts – Atlanta Falcons

The tight end rookie of the Falcons It is already impressive and on Sunday it achieved a reception that could be a candidate for the best of the year. Stuck to the sideline, Pitts used only his left hand to catch the ball, while his right fought the cornerback. Sensational.

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Derrick Henry and the 5 best plays of week 7 in the NFL 2021