De Jong rules and Griezmann hides

San Mams It is not a stadium to hide. It requires big players to step up if they want to get something out of that square. The Barcelona he was about to get gored out of the bilbana square, but he ended up scratching a point that, in the end, could be valuable.

Much had to do in that tie the great performance of Frenkie de Jong. The Dutchman was the beacon of a team that lacked a clear leader on the pitch. No longer Messi cast “noticeable”, as recognized by the Ronald Koeman at the end of the game. Without it, it seems that the Bara players do not know who to look for on the lawn.

When he intervened Memphis Depay, gave another air to the team. He proved to be a great striker and a guy who needs very little to make chances. But maybe it’s too early to ask him to be the leader of this Bara.

As for your countryman De Jong, was decisive both in attack and defense. He commanded the team with the ball, led to the play of the equalizer … and appeared to save the furniture in the area that on some occasion. For example, covering an auction of Iaki Williams only before Net.


Disappointing Griezmann

Different is the case of Griezmann, who is called to be the leader of this Bara. He knows it. Koeman has relayed to him directly that he wants “take center stage”. However, his performance was not worthy of someone who has to pull the cart. This is not the Griezmann that Barcelona needs.

His impact on the team’s game was far from what is expected of him. Until now, the excuse was that he did not play in the zone that he liked. The one in which Deschamps s him put on France. Now, without Messi on the squad, he has the freedom of movement that was previously denied him. And yet his contribution in Cathedral it was scarce.


Beyond sensations, there are a couple of data that define how the night went to the French. I did not try a single dribble in the entire match. Nor did he shoot at the door at San Mams. In addition, he only touched 37 balls against Athletic, almost half that against Real Sociedad (66).

It is clear that Barcelona clearly needs to appear figures willing to assume the relevance that is assumed with the same impudence that Depay, who arrived free, has shown in just two games. Griezmann and Coutinho -when it is available again- they cannot continue in the rear. It is urgent that the two most expensive signings in the history of Bara assume, once and for all, their role in the team.