Dalvin Cook is charged with domestic violence; the running back denies it

The 2021 season promised to be the third in a row with more than a thousand rushing yards for Dalvin Cook. Nevertheless, Extra-sports problems could cut off their participation with the Vikings this year.

Gracelyn trimble, a sergeant in the United States Army and former running back partner, filed a lawsuit against Cook in Dakota County. The Florida State graduate is charged with assaulting, beating and kidnapping Trimble.

According to the allegation, in November 2020 Trimble, who was residing in Florida at the time, traveled to Cook’s house, located in suburban Minneapolis, and entered the residence through the garage to end his relationship with the player.

When Trimble asked Cook to help remove her belongings from the home, she was repeatedly beaten by Trimble, He pepper sprayed her and subsequently attempted to confine her to the residence by not allowing her to leave. As a result of the attack, the lawsuit states that the woman suffered “a contusion, a scar on her face and [además] went through hell. “

Added that Trimble seeks cost-effective damage repair. Before resorting to legal proceedings, he sought an agreement with Cook, but not agreeing with the terms, he chose another route.

Cook denies it

While Trimble claims he was a victim of violence by Cook, the running back, through your lawyer, He assured that his ex-girlfriend entered his house illegally, He attacked him, was threatened with a pistol and claimed legitimate defense by beating the military.

“While Mr. Cook and Sergeant Trimble had a brief relationship, she became an emotional abuser, someone aggressive and repeatedly provoked Mr. Cook“said David Valentini, the player’s legal representative.

The problem for Cook is that this is not the first time that he has gender problems. While still a member of the Florida State Seminoles, he was accused of beating a woman repeatedly in the face outside a bar.

The reactions

After disclosing the legal mess Cook is in, the Vikings reported that they informed Roger Goodell’s office of the incident and reserved the right to comment. “After we found out, we immediately notified the NFL. We are in the process of gathering more information and will not comment further. “they explained.

For its part, the league explained that they will study the case under the conduct policies and explained that for the moment Cook is still active in the Minnesota squad. “We will continue to monitor development, but there are no changes to Cook’s status“, they pointed.

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Dalvin Cook is charged with domestic violence; the running back denies it