Cursed field? More than 7 players have been seriously injured in the NFL’s Washington Stadium

In American football there are many stories that can be somewhat mysterious. There’s the Madden curse, the Sport Illustrated cover art curse and this season there was an injury at the Washington Football Team stadium that set off the alarms.

Chase Young in the middle of the season suffered an injury that took him away from the rest of the campaign, specifically the knee (ACL, anterior cruciate ligament). But, it is not the only one that has occurred in this field that seems to have a curse, because in addition to Chase Young, there are six others who have been injured and one more was miraculously saved.

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Jalen Hurts was miraculously saved this season, as a full crowd of people was going to fall on his legs and would have caused a serious injury to the Philaelphia Eagles QB, fortunately he reacted quickly and was able to move aside.

But another six did not suffer the same fate and it is not only the field, It is a sector of the field where there have been four anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, two of the leg and one more of the hip. But we reiterate, it is only in a part of the field.

All these injuries have occurred between the 10 and 30 yards on the left side of the field., the injuries just start to the left of the letter N of the league logo in the middle of the field and for us to explain ourselves better, here is the image.

Injuries at FedEx Field, Washington field in the NFL

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Who are the injured players?

Joe Burrow – Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Possibly in his second year in the NFL he is one of the best QBs in the league and has a good chance with the Bengals to reach the Super Bowl, but a year ago, things did not look good for Joe Burrow. On a visit to FedEx Field, Washington field, suffered an ACL injury.

This injury is a very common one among NFL players and no one is exempt. For Joe Burrow this injury was very serious, because there was even talk of a possible early retirement, but fortunately it was not like that and he came back stronger than ever.

Ouch, the knee! Joe Burrow's spectacular injury that would send him to the operating room

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Adrian Peterson – Anterior Cruciate Ligament

In 2012, Adrian Peterson was one of the best running backs in the NFL., but everything changed when he visited the Washington countryside. A knee injury sidelined him from the field, again the anterior cruciate ligament that plagues many players at FedExField.

Peterson planted his leg on the ground just as a tackle by Washington perimeter player DeJon Gomes forced the running back’s knee in and also slightly forward. Since Adrian Peterson had his leg planted at the moment of impact, the knee did not take the blow.

Adrian Peterson with Vikings on field in Washington

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Robert Griffin III – Anterior Cruciate Ligament

A prospect that Washington took in the draft and had the conditions to make the Redskins (at that time the name of the team) an NFL dynasty, but injuries and inconsistency ended RGIII’s career with the team.

An anterior cruciate ligament injury was the cause of Robert Griffin III’s first game loss, after this injury, it was difficult for him to return and it was not the same as when he started with Washington, he left the team a short time later and wandered among other franchises.

Robert Griffin III during his time with the Washington Football Team

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Alex Smith – Leg injury, possibly the most serious of all on the Washington field

Alex Smith’s career was on the line due to a leg injury sustained at FedEx Field. Even his life was at risk, something that impacted the Washington franchise, but fortunately he was able to recover, returned to the grid and retired.

The injury marked him for life and although he was able to play in the NFL again, he knew that not only his performance had been diminished, but also his confidence in taking a hit on the injured leg.

The emotional video with which Alex Smith announced his retirement from the NFL

Ryan Fitzpatrick – hip injury this 2021 season with Washington

Ryan Fitzpatrick had the illusion of having a magical season with Washington, but in the first game of the season everything was clouded. Against the Chargers and with only six passes thrown in total, he had to leave the field due to a hip injury.

The QB suffered a partial dislocation or subluxation of the hip. In November and after an MRI, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s dream of having a chance to return in 2021 ended. The season was over for him.

Ryan Fitzpatrick injury with Washington

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Kyle Allen – ankle injury

It seems that FedEx Field has something against the home QBs, because there are several who have suffered this “curse”. Kyle Allen was one of them and similar to Alex Smith, the ankle was the one that was injured in a game against the 2020 Giants.

It was a circumstantial play, because un defensive with his leg he managed to trip Kyle Allen in his left leg, causing an ankle injury that led him directly to surgery. It is still part of Washington today.

Kyle Allen on his injury with Washington

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Cursed field? More than 7 players have been seriously injured in the NFL’s Washington Stadium