Cruz Azul vs. Monterrey – Game Report – August 18, 2021 – ESPN

Monterrey rescued a draw in compensation time with one more player on the court due to the expulsion of Ignacio Rivero, and that is despite a sin by Estaban Andrada by causing a penalty, José Alvarado, a youth from Monterrey, made it 1-1 at the 91st minute at the Azteca Stadium.

Although Rayados came out with enthusiasm in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula, those of Juan Reynoso were planted well in front. Despite the rotations made by the Peruvian strategist, the celestial players took advantage of the individual errors of the visit.

Esteban Andrada was a hero and a villain. Rayados’ goalkeeper was key so that the Machine did not have a bulky marker, but a desperate race caused a penalty that Jonathan ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez took in good form.

The process of the game was blocked, with many fouls and a great refereeing role, which left several plays in doubt, since he forgave the Machine with a penalty against and Rafael Baca with the red card.

Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán had more prominence than many players and at the end of the game he fired Ignacio Rivero for a foul on Joel Campbell. The only action that he consulted with the VAR and that was resolved in a good way.

Despite everything, Rayados’ attacks were not beneficial. Andrés Gudiño, although he was nervous in some plays, took good care of his goal against the power of the Monterrey team. The third celestial goalkeeper had specific interventions to save zero in his goal for the moment.

Towards the end of the game and with the pressure to seek a draw, the ‘Plátano’ Alvarado arrived to equalize the cards with a high-impact header, and that is that the 21-year-old youth finished in the area with his head to stop Gudiño, who had had an almost perfect night.

Cruz Azul and its rotations did not work. The current Mexican soccer champion suffered and the “championship” does not have them at their best. The public even demanded a greater effort in the stands, but it did not arrive and the Machine took the whistle of its fans in a draw to one against Rayados.