Cristina Morales, Gary Medel’s wife, raises the temperature with her incredible figure

Cristina Morales Gary Medels wife raises the temperature with her

Cristina Morales placeholder image, wife Gary Medel, He returned to take all the sighs of his fans on social networks. The Spanish journalist is the owner of a privileged physical figure who does not hesitate to teach on virtual platforms.

For his part, her husband Gary Medel revealed, in dialogue with “TNT Sports Argentina” which is the best football stadium for him and his desire to wear the Boca Juniors shirt again. “Some players feel the pressure and shit a little bit. The fans beat you games and Boca’s even more (…) I don’t like to play without an audience. Both at home and when visiting, I like to have the pressure of the people, the environment, everything … It’s something very ugly, I don’t like it at all, I hope he will come back soon, ”said the current Bologna player from Italy.