Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister was hospitalized for pneumonia after contracting coronavirus: “Unfortunately on Friday I got worse”

Cristiano Ronaldos sister was hospitalized for pneumonia after contracting coronavirus
Katia Aveiro is admitted to a hospital for covid
Katia Aveiro is admitted to a hospital for covid

The coronavirus pandemic continues to do its thing throughout the world. Among the millions of people affected, this time it was the turn of Katia Aveiro, the Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, who chose to post on their social networks to clarify their situation.

The 44-year-old singer considered that it was prudent to make a first-person discharge, because there was a lot of false news about how the disease was passing: “I tried not to do it in recent days, but since the news travels fast, and out of respect for who follow me and care about me, I will share with you the truth “, he detailed.


The Portuguese stated that on July 17 she was diagnosed with covid and from that moment she was kept isolated at home, with mild symptoms and respecting the protocol with all its rules. But nevertheless, “Unfortunately since last Friday I got worse. I had pneumonia as a result of the damn virus. Finally the hospitalization arrived and here I am, recovering thanks to God ”, explained next to a photo from the Hospital.

Aveiro, who was on vacation in Madeira (Portugal) at the time of contracting the virus, is transiting the disease at the Sesaram hospital in Funchal, under the care of a team of young doctors: “This damn virus won’t bring me down. The irony of destiny comes to find me in my little corner of heaven that is my land. In my people there is the example that remains that in life what we undoubtedly have is the love of our people, the desire to be happy with them and to do what we love ”.

Finally, he detailed that you are reacting well and can already see slight improvements every day that passes. “And best of all, I am losing the weight that I had gained during this vacation. Not everything can be bad, ”he joked about one of the consequences of being positive for Covid-19.

“I love you, take care of yourselves, eat vitamins, joy, peace and the will to live. The immune system will thank you”, He sentenced.

The Portuguese passed through the Juventus sports center (Reuters)
The Portuguese passed through the Juventus sports center (Reuters)

Averio, that in a storie from his Instagram assured that was not vaccinated against the coronavirus, also spoke when his brother, CR7, contracted covid in mid-October last year, sending a clear message.

“If he has to be a Christian to wake up the world, I have to say that then he is a predestined, one sent by God. COVID has come to take away our freedom … Let’s see who else has the courage to speak up! And the world? Will it wake up or will it continue to live in hypocrisy? I just ask and look ”.