Cowboys still interested in Odell Beckham, says Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones, owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, said Tuesday that the incident in which receiver Odell Beckham was taken off a plane bound for Los Angeles (USA), did not reduce his team’s interest in sign it.

“He’s not an issue. His overall compatibility, his judgment, his behavior is not an issue for us; it is for many, but we think he would be a great fit for us,” Jones explained.

On a scheduled flight from Miami to Los Angeles last Sunday, the flight crew escorted Beckham off the plane because they thought he was seriously ill.

According to the police report issued a few hours later, the recipient was unconscious when asked to leave the plane.

After the incident, through his representative, the 30-year-old described it as unnecessary for him to be taken out because he was only asleep before takeoff.

Last season Odell Beckham helped the Los Angeles Rams win Super Bowl LVI, a game he left before halftime with a torn cruciate ligament in his knee that has kept him out of action this year.

The receiver, a free agent, is a few weeks away from being discharged that will allow him to return to activity. In addition to the Cowboys, teams like the Giants, Bills and 49ers are interested in signing him to face the last stretch of the 2022 season.

Since his arrival in the league in 2014, the native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has dazzled with his talent almost with the same intensity with which he has been entangled in various controversies.

In 2015, when he played for the Giants, he was involved in a fight with Josh Norman of the Panthers, which ended with a helmet hit from Beckham; the NFL suspended him for one game.

In 2017, he celebrated a score by pretending that he was a dog that urinated, in addition to throwing several tantrums on the Giants’ bench; in the end it cost him his way out of New York.

He moved to the Browns in 2019, a team from which he was fired in 2021 after his father posted a video blaming then-Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield for his son’s poor productivity.

Despite the above, the Cowboys owner insisted that Beckham would now be of great help to his team.

“This year it has to be. We have six games in the season and the playoffs, a whole spectacle ahead, it’s a situation in which he can really contribute,” said Jerry Jones, who also confessed the main reason why the receiver will choose Dallas.

“Everybody likes to be a part of something substantial and that’s the Cowboys,” he concluded. EFE


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Cowboys still interested in Odell Beckham, says Jerry Jones