Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott outperforms 2021 NFL season expected of him

From the big bun hairstyle, beard, two nose rings to the “Feed Me” tattoo on his stomach and his joy, Ezekiel Elliott gets it.

It always has.

The Cowboys running back knew last year was not acceptable.

He reduced body fat, increased muscle where it was needed, and worked out with a private trainer in the offseason to make sure 2020 never happens again.

“I would say a lot this year was about my body,” Elliott said Wednesday.

“A lot of it was just to make sure I was ready to come and make up for my [improperio] last year’s performance ”.

The Cowboys enter a Week 6 game in New England with their lead going off to a roaring start.

Elliott is third in the NFL in rushing yards (452) and fifth in carries (85).

According to the statistics NextGen In the NFL, Elliott is 94 yards above expectations of him before the start of the season.

In the past three games, Elliott is averaging six yards per carry, 19 carries and 116 yards.

The Elliott we’re looking at is similar to the Elliott from the 2019 Pro Bowl season.

He had a three-game streak averaging 118.3 yards per game in contests against the Jets, Eagles and Giants.

You could say Elliott has lost some speed because that’s what happens to runners who take a beating on a weekly basis, but don’t discuss the physical nature of his game.

It seems like Elliott is running harder than in previous years.

That would be difficult to answer. I don’t know, ”Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore said.

“I would have to study that quite thoroughly. I think he’s in a really good place right now. I can say that right now it is amazing. He is playing great football and we are excited about that. “

Elliott’s toughness is not to be questioned.

He played last year with various physical ailments and focused on what 2021 would be a healthy season.

But he’s already playing with a sore knee, and in last week’s win over the Giants, he hurt his back and ribs when he landed on top of a camera.

Elliott missed a handful of plays and then came back, scoring a touchdown, as he entered the end zone.

It was another statement that Elliott is willing to make this season look nothing like last year.