Coverage Titans vs Colts LIVE | Week 8 NFL 2021

Titans vs Colts LIVE | Week 8 NFL 2021

1Q 7:44 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE COLTS | Michael Pittman again !! The Colts take advantage of Ryan Tannehill’s interception.

1Q 8:41 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE COLTS | On fourth down and goal, Carson Wentz finds Michael Pittman in the end zone. Titans 0-7 Colts.

Nearly midway through the 2021 NFL Season, teams are beginning to take shape, and some will stay by the wayside, while others will evolve into black horses heading to the playoffs. Titans vs Colts is one of those duels to measure the potential they will have for the rest of the year.

The Indianapolis team has had a resurgence and they will be a headache for any team they face.This Sunday the test against Tennessee will be tough, but you can see what they are capable of with Carson Wentz in command of the offense, accompanied by his star running back Jonathan Taylor.

With five wins and just two losses, the Titans are leaders of the American Conference SouthThanks to the great performances of Derrick Henry, the most powerful RB in the league, but against the Chiefs last week, they showed that on the air with Ryan Tannehill, AJ Brown and Julio Jones they can be very careful.

Steelers vs Browns | NFL 2021 Week 8

Another of the most attractive duels for this Sunday is the Steelers vs Browns, one of the most traditional games in the NFL. In addition, in the recent past it has become a much more fought rivalry, an attempt to fight a couple of seasons ago between Mason Rudolph and Myles Garrett has left this game “hot”.

Added to that, last year’s elimination of the Steelers by the Browns is another anecdote to remember between these two. In an unfortunate move, Ben Roethlisberger could not stop a high center and finished in TD for Cleveland, to seal the pass to the Browns to the next round.


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Coverage Titans vs Colts LIVE | Week 8 NFL 2021