Coverage 49ers vs Rams LIVE | Week 18 NFL 2021

49ers vs. Rams LIVE | Week 18 NFL 2021


TH 2:47 | 49ERS FIELD GOAL | Robbie Gould achieves a 24-yard FG that makes Gambusinos dream of the playoffs | 49ers 27-24 Rams

4Q 0:00 | WE’RE GOING OVERTIME | The 49ers will receive the ball

4Q 0:26 | 49ERS TOUCHDOWN | Juaun Jennings reappears and ties the match | 49ers 24-24 Rams

4Q 2:29 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE RAMS | Cooper Kupp returns the advantage to the hosts with a spectacular catch | 49ers 17-24 Rams

Q3 1:53 | 49ERS TOUCHDOWN | Jauan Jennings tied the game after a 24-yard pass from Deebo Samuel | 49ers 17-17 Rams

Q3 10:32 | 49ERS TOUCHDOWN | With a 16-yard run, Deebo Samuel brings La Bahía closer to the scoreboard | 49ers 10-17 Rams

2Q 0:03 | 49ERS FIELD GOAL | Robbie Gould manages to make a good 42-yard attempt and put San Francisco on the scoreboard | 49ers 3-17 Rams

2Q 6:44 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE RAMS | Again Stafford – Higbee meet in the end zone | 49ers 0-17 Rams

2Q 10:26 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE RAMS | Matthew Stafford finds Tyler Higbie with a 2-yard pass | 49ers 0-10 Rams

1Q 6:11 | FIELD GOAL BY THE RAMS | Matt Gay opens the scoring with a 43-yard attempt | 49ers 0-3 Rams

Kick off the match at SoFi Stadium

The game starts at 3:25 PM (Central Mexico time)

The NFL regular season is over. With practically all the qualifiers for the playoffs ready, the 49ers depend on themselves to get their ticket to the postseason of the 2021 NFL season.

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The task will not be easy, because his rivals this afternoon, the rams want to win the division title, which they would get if they won the game, no matter what the Cardinals do. In case of losing against the Gambusinos, Los Angeles will have to wait for a defeat by Arizona and thus win the NFC West.

What do the 49ers need to qualify for the playoffs?

The team from La Bahía reached the last week with a record of nine wins for seven losses, so a victory would be enough for them to get their pass. In case of losing to Los Angeles, they will have to wait for a defeat by the New Orleans Saints

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Coverage 49ers vs Rams LIVE | Week 18 NFL 2021