CONFIRMED: Miami Dolphins coach announces QB for NFL Week 8


Brian Flores confirmed during a press conference who will be the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins in their confrontation with the Bills this Sunday.

The team's huddle against the Falcons.


© Eric Espada / Getty ImagesThe team’s huddle against the Falcons.

In what was a week full of speculation about the possible acquisition of Deshaun watson since the Houston Texans, Brian Flores had to answer awkward questions in the attention to the press of the Miami dolphins this week. The head coach confirmed that Tua Tagovailoa, if there is no injury, he will be the starting QB until the end of this season of NFL.

As I said several times, You are our Quarterback“, declared the coach in a press conference.”I do not like rumors or speculation, I prefer to focus on what happens in my team“, added in a somewhat angry tone who was the defensive coordinator of the Patriots.

The Dolphins come in with one of the worst records in the league this week, having won just one of their seven games. Everything points against him for this Sunday in his confrontation against Buffalo bills, who are the leaders of the AFC East and one of the most complete teams in the entire NFL.

Do the Dolphins need Deshaun Watson?

The question that many are asking is that. Miami has suffered from Tua Tagovailoa’s lack of progress as its starting quarterback, and Jacoby Brissett is certainly not the answer at the position. Although if you have to be thorough, the Dolphins have several questions.

Given their record, it will be difficult this season to amend several of them. More defensive adjustments need to be made, even injecting talent into some of his lines. The attack just doesn’t have a good distribution of skill players And without that, it would be difficult for any quarterback to play in the NFL.

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CONFIRMED: Miami Dolphins coach announces QB for NFL Week 8