Chicharito: what penalty would he have if he lost the All-Star Game

Mexico City /

Chicharito Hernandez lived a big moment inside of MLS by quickly positioning yourself as scoring leader, well he added 10 points prior to injury but now he has not been able to return. Despite the inactivity, the famous ‘Zlatan rule’ could give him a suspension game with the LA Galaxy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic marked a before and after within MLS, and not precisely for the better, because a ‘indiscipline‘from the Swedish made the ‘Zlatan rule’ will take effect, and now it could affect Chicharito Hernandez.

What is and how did the ‘Zlatan rule’ come about?

On 2018, before the departure of Zlatan, Swedish refused to participate in the MLS All-Star Game, a decision that set a precedent in the North American league, because as he was one of the great figures and se came down at the last minute, it was sought that no one else relapses into those acts.

Hence the ‘Zlatan rule’, same that dictates that if a player refuses to participate (or it is not possible) at the All-Star Game or in the skills challenge, will be creditor to a set of suspension within the regular season of the MLS.

Why would this rule affect Chicharito?

As it was mentioned already, Chicharito Hernández is injuredor and most likely cannot participate in the All-Star Game, so the ‘Zlatan rule’ would take effect and beyond that he cannot play to avoid taking risks, the Mexican would receive the game penalty in MLS.

While one would believe that it would be the best to recover 100, the reality is that the post-MLS All-Star game is one of the most important, well the LA Galaxy will be measured in the Traffic Classic at LAFC by Carlos Vela.

East Wednesday, August 25 is he MLS All-Star Game and the Saturday 28 is he LA Galaxy vs LAFC. Chicharito is not yet officially ruled out but everything points to this being the case and he will receive a penalty game for the ‘Zlatan rule’.