Chicharito: “Being a ‘scorer’ is one of my best qualities”

1626886394 Chicharito Being a scorer is one of my best qualities

Javier Hernandez He participated in episode 3 of the ESPN series Abby’s Places, where he faced a dynamic to define what a ‘great goal’ is with former American soccer player Abby Wambach, before whom he recognized his main virtue within the area.

“Do your feelings hurt when they call you goalkeeper?” Wambach asked him. “Not. When they say that I am a ‘goal scorer’, they somehow describe one of my best qualities. Some goals seem very easy, simple, but it depends on the way I move or the intuition of what one of my teammates is going to do.

“You were also very good at creating a positional advantage to put our teams in a better position to get the ball into the net. There are many different ways to score goals, but they are all worth the same, ”explained the LA Galaxy forward in the interview with Wambach.

“One of the things I like the most when you watch you play is the emotion with which you celebrate,” the former United States player told Hernández.

“Fortunately I score a lot of goals, so I think the celebration is because I never lose the notion that scoring is the hardest thing to achieve in the game, not just if I score, whoever scores.”

The interview focused on defining what a great goal is. “It’s something that you don’t see that often. It’s like when you score from the middle court in basketball. Like a grand slam in baseball. If in the NFL you throw a pass from the 5 yard to the 90 ”.

“In fact, I think I scored quite a few goals. There were some, not because I wrote them down, but because of how the team created them and I just put them in. “

Chicharito then tried to recreate together with Wambach some of the best goals in history, from Maradona’s Goal of the Century, through Zidane’s volley in the Champions League to a ‘bicycle’ goal (or Chilean, as it is known in Mexico. ), although the Mexican scored it on top of a ‘tricycle’.

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