Charge against LaLiga: Joan Gaspart assured that “Tebas does not want Barcelona or Catalonia”

The relationship it is more and more broken. Some members of the club feel that something else could be done regarding the situation they experienced a few weeks ago with the departure of Lionel Messi from Catalonia due to the statutes of the body that regulates Spanish professional football. To this position was added , the former Blaugrana president who endorsed Joan Laporta’s decision not to mortgage the club.

Joan Gaspert, who was president of Barcelona between 2000 and 2003 after more than 20 years as vice president, assured in an interview with the ‘Tribuna Marca’ program on ‘Radio Marca’ that LaLiga “does not want” the Blaugrana club or the city. But it was not ‘short’.

I was one of the founders of LaLiga and I can say that it was founded by something very different from what it is today. I have no sympathy for Lord Thebes. It is not something of today, it is historically. He does not want Barça or Catalonia”Gaspart explained.

In addition, regarding the situation that occurred in Ciudad Condal a few days ago with the farewell of Messi, Gaspart assured that the body did not do everything possible for the Argentine player to continue.

Support for Laporta

We do not need more culprits, but I am convinced that if Laporta, instead of having refused the contract, had agreed to mortgage the club for 50 years, Messi would remain at Barça. I agreed with the decision made by President Laporta“Gaspart admitted in the interview. “What Mr. Tebas did was adhere to the LaLiga statutes, but I’m sure he would have been less aggressive in doing so in another case.”He added.

The former president was not very concerned about the enormous debt that the club carries, ensuring that he experienced something similar when he was on the board of directors. “With the 30 years that I have been as a Barça manager, I have experienced situations like this and even worse. What happens is that the memory in football passes quickly“, I consider. And he went on to explain that he would be “much more concerned” if the club “was in the hands of a large company or investment fund”.

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