CHALLENGE FOR DANI ALVES: Lionel Messi revealed what his great goal is in the remainder of his career

CHALLENGE FOR DANI ALVES Lionel Messi revealed what his great

He will not go to an exotic destination, like Andrés Iniesta or Xavi Hernández, and he does not think about moving away from the highest demands (UEFA Champions League football). This Sunday, in his press conference of farewell to FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi announced that he will choose the next step in his career very well. And it is that his intention is to continue winning titles.

The South American star aims to equal or exceed Dani alves as the most winning footballer of all time. He congratulated his former teammate on his recent Olympic medal (he took gold at Tokyo 2020), but he goes for it. He does not see himself that far from the Brazilian’s record (he is 5 trophies away) and, in his last years of career, he will try to lead that special ranking.


“The people of Barça know me. He knows that I am a winner, that I want to continue competing. If I had stayed here, I would have fought to try to win everything. And I want to end my last years of career in the same way, competing, fighting for titles, adding titles to my career ”.

“By the way I congratulate Dani Alves, who won the Olympic medal, I am very close to him (number of titles). And I’m going to fight to reach it or overcome it if possible. And that’s my mentality, and it was always being in this club, always wanting more, wanting to win. And I think people know me well enough to question me saying that I go to a club that can compete with the club (with FC Barcelona). My intention was to stay, it was not possible and, now, I have to find my way. And my idea is to keep competing and keep winning ”.

“One of my goals is to win the Champions League again and win more titles again. I want to finish my career with the maximum possible titles. And if possible, try to catch Dani, who is also a winner. I had him as a partner; where it goes, wins. And, well, I’m going to try to get closer at least ”.

Undefeated data. The 38 titles of Lionel Messi in his professional career: 35 with FC Barcelona, ​​1 with Argentina U20 (world champion), 1 with Argentina U23 (Olympic gold) and 1 with Argentina mayor (Copa América).

Did you know…? Dani Alves has been champion in Brazil, Spain, Italy and France. In his two years with PSG, he seems to be the Lionel Messi’s future club, won 5 titles (all domestic).