Carlos Vela, without a contract, but with a promise

Carlos Vela without a contract but with a promise

LOS ANGELES – He is calm and Los Angeles FC is nervous. Carlos candle is now free to negotiate with another club, according to the statutes of FIFA. But, he remains a prisoner of his loyalty to a promise: to be an MLS champion.

Candle He continues with that concern to play in Australia, more for the country itself than for its football. But, while the club pushes to renew it, he keeps them at bay with that pact: raise the MLS Cup between the black and gold garlands of the club.

2020 and the start of 2021, filled the environment of Carlos candle. Stubborn injuries and long rehab. And he reclusive in the set-up to reappear.

Fortunately for The Bomber, Bob bradley he became his soccer patron. Far from precipitating his return, despite the urgencies of the club, he sponsored him in the slow process of healing and strengthening.

Yes, the power of a promise ignited the seemingly meager Candle of the LAFC. He adds five goals in the tournament, four of them in the four most recent games of the Los Angeles team, which, however, adds only five of 12 possible points.

At 32 years old, Carlos candle he does not ignore the implacable language of his own organism. He lengthened rest, rehabilitation, and strengthening to the optimum point.

He explains it himself: he plays without pain. And that is the perfect state of the footballer. When your bodywork and machinery do not creak, rattle, or threaten to stop, everything is happiness.

“I have the last games without pain. I have been able to enjoy playing and not thinking about the injury. And it shows that I have more confidence in my movements, more rhythm. I no longer have any problem, there are no excuses, I just need to play well and help the team, “he said. Hyena at one of the press conferences of the LAFC.

Outcast from Tokyo Olympics, by decision of Gerardo Martino, although Jaime lozano Yes I wanted to count on him, now he is fully concentrating on helping the team to become champions. This Wednesday, they will face Sporting de Kansas city and the weekend to the Earthquakes of Saint Joseph.

Carlos candle He returned to the fields demonstrating his dominance of the league, scoring goals of a great quality to corroborate that the pyrotechnic seal of his goals remains intact. He feels, as he says himself, healthy, strong and confident.

For this reason, the MLS wants to Carlos candle remain a powerful cheerleader for the league’s stands, and continue with Los Angeles FC. He has become the highest grossing player in the competition, according to 2019 figures.

In December 2020, Candle he only agreed to renew the contract for one more year. He did it with that promise to collaborate unrestrictedly so that LAFC raise the title. The club, made a bundle of nerves, hopes to tie another year, without having to wait again until December.

There are details in the contract that do not satisfy the Mexican. From the duration of the agreement to financial aspects and bonuses, but, something is very clear, for a long time, the Mexican attacker has made it clear that there is no voracity for a bizarre contract, economically speaking.

As he continues to drop clues about Australia, rumors are stirring. And these range from a goodbye campaign with the Royal Society of San Sebastián, until the table of his agent continues to fall like morbid confetti, questions about the future of Candle, from Liga MX.

For now, in the LAFC breathe a sigh of relief. Bob bradley work easy. It has the most complete player and game vision of the MLS in top shape. That should guarantee playoffs, and if the team in general responds, get excited.

The ancestry of Carlos candle among the companions it is undeniable. They themselves know that if the Mexican is well, they will have a better time. That is confirmed by the South Korean Kim Moon-Hwan.

Charles he is a great player, world class. I see it in the day to day training with him. Charles He was one of the few people who approached me at first, like the captain, welcomed me and gave me many tips to adapt to the group, to the city. He is someone who I can call my friend and who I also respect a lot for the player that he is, “said the Asian footballer to Katia Castorena of ESPN.

Defender Carlos Farfán, meanwhile, emphasized the mentality of CandleEspecially when in the game against Real Salt Lake, he first missed a penalty and then scored a flagship goal.

“Everyone in the team and in the league knows well what it can generate Charles (Candle), he missed a penalty, but you don’t have to score all of them, their goalkeeper did well, but kept pushing and his goal came. That confirms his mentality to keep fighting and the damage he can do to rivals, “he said.

It seems that the challenge of Bob bradley to lead to Carlos candle at the top of his performance is being fulfilled now that the player feels fully. He explained clearly that they not only need him for his ability as an orchestrator, but “to go to his limits”, referring to the coach – without specifying it – to his ability to score goals, taking advantage of the benefits of the defenses of the MLS.

So while Carlos candle relegates to second term the approaches to renew contract, concentrates on what is most relevant: trying to fulfill that promise to collaborate Los Angeles FC be champion.

“The objective is to win a title now, we have been very close, but we already need to win it and hopefully this year,” he said at the time to ESPN.

And meanwhile, he, calm, and Los Angeles FC, nervous.