Cardinals vs Browns: at risk the last undefeated of the NFL 2021?

By Juan Carlos Dorantes (@ carlosdorantes7). Follow your project on

Week 5 of this NFL Season ended with the Arizona Cardinals still undefeated, however this week paints to be the one for his first defeat. In the most attractive game of the Sunday session, they face a Cleveland Browns who come from giving a great game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Although Cleveland lost by a score of 42-47 against one of the most complete teams in the league (Chargers), even with the loss they had a total of 531 yards, of which 230 were obtained through their running attack and 301 by road aerial. The team has been having strong performances so far this season.

On the other hand, the Cardinals still arrive undefeated this week 6, however they come from battling against a San Francisco team that arrived depleted, so we doubt the team’s performance. Against San Francisco they had a total of 304 yards, only 94 yards were by land, the rest of the yards were by pass.

Head to head: Cardinals vs Browns

This game will be fun and interesting to watch, on both sides there are talented players who can have a huge impact on the development of the game, on the one hand the Cardinals with their explosive offense and impact WR as DeAndre Hopkins, AJ Green, can put any defense in the NFL in trouble. QB Kyler Murray with his talent for using the running game will also be essential for the development of this offense.

However, the Cleveland Browns defense is one of the best in the league both at putting pressure on the QB and stopping the running game. If Arizona is not able to establish the rushing attack against this defense, it will complicate the execution of the pass with running deception. The offensive line will have an important job trying to avoid pressure from Myles Garrett and company.

The Browns offense, on the other hand, tends to be more balanced. Although RB Nick Chubb’s injury loss for this match certainly diminishes his power, Kareem Hunt, by himself, is capable of wearing down defenses during the game and controlling the clock. We must also level with the absences of Chandler Jones in the defense of Arizona and its starting center Rodney Hudson, so we will be waiting to see who is missed the most and what impacts the result.

Defenses, key to winning the game

With the capacity of these offenses (adding the arrival of Zach Ertz to Arizona for next week, since obviously he will not play this game), the unit on the other side of the ball will be essential to achieve victory. That defense that manages to pressure the rival QB the most, that achieves sacks, yardage losses, ball deliveries, will be the one that manages to take the game.

With this situation, at least for the moment, the Cardinals are at a disadvantage by losing one of their star players on defense: the aforementioned Chandler Jones who will not be able to be on the field of play, being placed on the COVID-19 reserve list.

It will be interesting to see how head coach Kliff Kingsbury adjusts the defense and what he is capable of doing without one of his best men, because even without Jones, the Arizona Cardinals defensive unit has the talent and the players: the “rejuvenated” Veteran JJ Watt could be the one to step up from his experience. It also has rookie Zaven Collins, and Isaiah Simmons has the ability to make a big play.

Will the Cards to stay undefeated in Cleveland? Will the Browns defense under Myles Garrett succeed in imposing its conditions? We read you under the comments under this article and on our social networks.