Buccaneers 2021-22 vs. Buccaneers 2020-21 | Comparison of offense and defense

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers enter the 2021-22 NFL season as the current Super Bowl champions and after a break in which they bet to maintain the base of their squad they will seek to revalidate their status as the best team in the league.

There are some differences that will be key both at the beginning of the campaign and during it, especially due to the consolidation of a game system that was successful in the previous harvest.

Despite the fact that at the start of the 2020-21 season they had several of the main figures such as Jason Pierre-Paul, Devin White and Shaquil Barrett, they had a difficult time finding stability. Proof of this is that they allowed 22.6 points per game in the first half of the season, in contrast to the 19.5 they gave up in the postseason.

The explanation behind this improvement in defense revolves around the game identity built by coordinator Todd Bowles, who over the weeks managed to consolidate a style that even led them to dominate an offense as powerful as that of the Chiefs in the Super Bowl LV.