Bryan, sale of the century

Bryan sale of the century

ANDl Seville is negotiating what, to date, is his big summer sale. Bryan gil, concentrating with the Olympic team before the Games, will soon pack his bags for London to start a new stage at Tottenham. Another youth squad who leaves Nervin when the mustache is still a mere fluff. Club strategy? Need? Improvisation? All together? The truth and truth is that few had noticed that the Sevilla’s solution, in a complex market to more than be able to by the sti unity reigning and the rope around his neck that LaLiga (aware after years of broken hands and full pockets), passed through its quarry. Thebes has tightened the fence on the clubs with the simple rule that before spending (investing) they must regularize your past income statements. From there, everything will flow. Eyes were on Kound for that estimate above the reality in which Sevilla has valued it. Nobody has 70 kilos to drop for a centralpromising as it may be, even more so when the Real madid has placed two champions of everything winnable for a lower cost. And if someone sits down to negotiate for the French central, they no longer squeeze the shoe. The posture of strength is the greatest advantage in a negotiation.

The Bryan’s operation it can be considered a lifesaver to the Seville market. A capital gain of between 25 and 30 million With which to close past holes and be able to open new trenches, already equating purchases and sales. All in order. The big question or doubt that remains in the air is what will happen to Bryan. If you go to figure or stay on the road. With each attendance a tweet debate will be generated, of course. As with every goal of Immbile or Aspas. And even of Dabbur. Nobody talks about the blows that have been given some of the best sales in the club’s history, such as Vitolo, Gameiro, Krychowiak, Nzonzi and a long etc. You have to be clear when stating the facts. Sevilla has the quarry as one of the legs of its growth. It lurks throughout the province, Autonomous Community, country or continent in search of values ​​to attract. Then football puts everyone in their place. The undisputed growth of the team leaves the door of the first team closed. With seven or eight padlocks. Only the very good knock it down. And not even that. Because Sevilla cannot (nor want) to wait for anyone. He has other plans. And its growth depends on having a better staff every year.

Bryan points to star. So did Carlos Fernandez after an outstanding year at Granada. The club left him four months in their squad as an assistant. I sold it to the Real before losing any more value. From asking 15-18 to letting him out for 10. And Bryan was heading into a year watching from the bench how they spread out for his band Ocampos, Papu Gmez, liver, scar or even Munir (to stay). Lopetegui asks for a player profile and Bryan doesn’t fit. And just for a shock are you going to let slip a transfer that is all worth? No way. For that to Monchi his eyes were put on the pound symbol (it hits more than the dollar because now I imagine the sports director with the face of Queen Elizabeth II in his eyes) when at last the red telephone of the Snchez-Pizjun. They have been looking at the cable for the entire month of July in case it is damaged. Nobody calls. They have only contacted En-Nesyri and the Moroccan has said that it does not move. Not even that Premier to water Bryan’s account and Sevilla himself with gold. Because Nervin’s club Maybe he does not know how to value his quarry in sports, but he rubs his hands with the financial appreciation they make from abroad.

And as long as the music does not stop, the team continues to dance among the best and the club is a management model, all doubts about the convenience of one operation or another go to the background. The future sale of Bryan Gil for 25 million plus pluses is fantastic. Even better than Ferrn torres by 23 plus 12 from a year ago. Because the one from Barbate, who fell in love with that meditative Madrid and given to value the different and beautiful, more than cash, would not have ten balls to play each game. Not three. And it will be necessary to see if that personality that is presupposed still bomb-proof in a trench like the Sanchez-Pizjun, that at the third failed dribble or pass without an addressee to the area, he releases a first definitive anger: ‘we have come this far’. Let your quarry of course care. And he defends tooth and nail those who have defended his shield since cros. But that the first team does not touch my nose and win. And the good guys play. The best. And still Bryan will not be in Sevilla. As good as it is and better than it aims to be. If it is not the sale of the century in Seville, it is dangerously close.