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Week 7 of the NFL once again showed us why we shouldn’t trust everything that happens in September. With a great 3-0 start by the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, things seemed to be going smoothly with both teams, and some fans may have already begun to think about going for the lead in their respective divisions.

However, after those great starts, both teams have lost four in a row. In just four weeks, both of them already have a losing record and these franchises look only the remnants of what they once were in September.

However, this is something already seen in past seasons: teams that start in good shape and beyond September do not manage to do much in the season. This is where, sure, many Broncos and Panthers fans wonder what happened to their teams, what changed.

We could say that, just as several teams have a strong start to the season, there are many others that, as the weeks go by, build more confidence and begin to understand each other better. After 7 weeks, it seems like the Panthers and Broncos don’t quite understand each other and simply can’t keep up with the rest of the NFL.

While Carolina has had major injuries, like Christian McCaffrey’s, it seems the Panthers haven’t found a strong offense in the past four weeks. The first three, it seemed like Sam Darnold was putting a new face on Carolina’s offense, but in recent weeks he has been seen making the same mistakes that sapped his Jets career.

On the other hand, the Broncos haven’t been able to shine on offense either. Teddy Bridgewater got off to a good start, but offense lacked imagination and we see him hesitant on many of the plays, while his defense has lost steam and on many occasions is overwhelmed by the opponent.

Not for nothing do they say that NFL teams are made in November, because that’s when we can start to differentiate the candidates from those who couldn’t keep up with the league. And then what will happen to these two teams? For the Broncos, things look complicated in a division where the Chargers continue to shine and the Raiders find their way again, while the Panthers can only dream of at least rescuing a season with a winning record, since in their division are the Buccaneers.

You have to be honest: things are not looking good for both teams and it is time for there to be big changes in their offenses and a coaches who are leaders with a little more imagination.

But it is by cases so we should NEVER trust what happens in September.

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Broncos and Panthers: why the NFL doesn’t end in September – Extra Point