Brazil does not shine but already expects a rival in the quarterfinals

Brazil does not shine but already expects a rival in


07/28/2021 –

Brazil will be in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games, but he will not do it in the way he expected before starting the last day. The ‘canarinha’ will be measured to the second classified of the group of Spain after a gray encounter in front of Saudi Arabia in which he won but did not convince (1-3). With the pass in my pocket, Alves and company got carried away already thinking about the next appointment.

And that they were promised very happily thanks to both Cunha in the initial section of the crash. The Brazilian attacker went ahead of his marker to head a powerful cross from the corner. It seemed to kick off the Brazilian party, but nothing could be further from the truth. Saudi Arabia he wanted to say goodbye with good feelings.

In the only true approximation to the area of Saints It was Alnaji who took advantage of an oversight of the defense of Brazil to get a draw that they defended tooth and nail. It is true that Spider touched the goal with a powerful kick from afar, Claudinho he did not hit head and Cunha failed to empty goal after a clearance by Albukhari. But the sensations weren’t the best in Brazil.

The game had no rhythm, they forgot about the wings and focused on attacking from the inside against a team that only had to populate the surroundings of their goalkeeper and join the lines. Without speed in the movement of the ball, the feeling of danger was non-existent.

With greater possession of the ball, Brazil he managed to tire his rival, who had to constantly run after the leather. Brands thus began to fail and the Canariha he took advantage of it. If the first goal came from a set piece, the second was the same. A header from Richardlison ended up with the Saudi wall. Own Richarlison made the third in injury time.

A) Yes, Brazil awaits rival with the idea of ​​recovering the football that he showed in the clash against a Germany that stays out of the group of death. Ivory Coast came second in the group of death and will face the leader of the group of Spain. The Africans drew against the German team.

Data sheet:

Saudi Arabia: Albukhari; Abdulhamid, Aldawasari, Alamri, Hindi, Alsahrani; Alnaji (Ghareeb 61 ‘), Alhassan (Mukhtar 61’), Alfaraj (Alomran 89 ‘), Aldawsari (Aldawsasri) and; Alhamddan (Albrikan 76 ‘).

Brazil: Saints; Alves, Nino, Diego Carlos, Arana (Abner); Antony (Malcom 46 ‘), Bruno Guimaraes (Menino 84’), Matheus, Claudinho (Reinier 71 ‘); Cunha and Richarlison

Referee: Tessema Weyesa (Ethiopia) admonished Arana 26 ‘, Alshahrani 29’, Aldawsari 80 ‘, Martinelli 91’, Albukhari 91 ‘

Goals: 0-1 14 ‘Cunha, 1-1 27’ Alnaji, 1-2 76 ‘Richarlison, 1-3 93’ Richarlison