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After having to play with juveniles against Banfield, Xeneize sent two letters to the Professional League: first and foremost, to play with the Cyclone on Wednesday or Thursday, but also, to suspend the next two Reserve matches.

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The juveniles of Mouth performed an excellent role last night on the Banfield court, when Xeneize had to appear with the Reserve campus to play the second round of the Professional League, having practically all his squad isolated.

But nevertheless, facing the duel against San Lorenzo of the third date of the tournament, which will be played during the week, the leadership of Boca placed a new order to the organization of First Division football, requesting that the classic with the Cyclone be played on Wednesday at 9 p.m. or Thursday at any time, taking into account that at 18 on Wednesday the isolation imposed on Boca after returning from Brazil is over. A priori, the Professional League would not give place to this request from Xeneize.

But that’s not all, because the Boca leadership also asked suspend the next two Reserve matches -scheduled for Tuesday and Friday- so that the youth players can have a proper rest after the run against Banfield and given the uncertainty of what will happen against San Lorenzo. Here the League would give the go-ahead to Boca, to preserve the physique of the youth.


Boca Letter
Boca Letter

“We must point out that The third date of this AFA Professional Football League tournament was scheduled to take place between Tuesday 27 and Thursday 29 of the current. On the other hand, our professional first division team that is complying with preventive isolation, In the event of a negative result, the corresponding tests will be definitively registered on Wednesday, July 28 at 18 “., explains the note after an introduction.

And in the end, it asks: “Taking into account what is stated in the preceding paragraph, that the meeting between our institution and the representative of San Lorenzo was originally scheduled for Tuesday 27 at 21, We request that the meeting between both institutions be rescheduled for Wednesday 28 at 21 or Thursday 29 In the schedule that you have, as you deem most convenient, it in order to face the match under equal sporting conditions and so avoid exposing our juveniles to face three sports commitments in a period of less than 5 days, which undermines his psychophysical condition “.


In addition to the main request to have the squad available to all to play against San Lorenzo, Boca requested that the Reserve not play its next two games this week: Tuesday against the Cyclone and Friday against Talleres, in Córdoba.

“Our Reserve team is disputing an unusual string of matches: Friday 23 against his peers in Banfield, Saturday 24 against the First Division of that same institution, Tuesday 27 against the First Division of San Lorenzo de Almagro, after which he should be traveling on Thursday 29, to the city of Córdoba, no reasonable rest or training margins, justifies Boca in the order.

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