Berta’s duties are piling up

There are less than three weeks until the Atltico, league champion, he debuts in a tournament in which he will have the requirement of defend the crown and fight to repeat the great success achieved in Valladolid on May 22. More than two months later the rojiblancos are still working to shape the squad that Simeone will have for the challenge.

With Andrea Berta, sports director, head of operations several issues remain to be polished in an Atltico that gradually recovers the internationals who defended their national teams in the Eurocup and the Copa America. Meanwhile, the Italian tries to solve pending duties while communicating almost daily with a Cholo who needs to have his troops as soon as possible for the season.

Bertas duties are piling up

The signing of 9: Griezmann … or another

The objective, I dream rather, is to recover Griezmann, Simeone’s desire to reinforce a plot that would give an evident leap in quality with the arrival of the Bara footballer. It will not be easy, in any case, to end up repatriating the French, so in the offices of the Metropolitan work is done for the arrival of another 9. This is where the Assignment formula with purchase option (like Dembl last year) and where movements in other clubs are expected to enable a tip capable of complementing the untouchable Luis Surez.

Sal’s departure

The salt march It has become one of the keys to the market in the Atlantic. The canterano opened the melon of his march and both El Atltico and El Cholo look forward to this chapter closing sooner. He was close with the possible exchange with Griezmann and now it is the Premier who has taken the initiative to unblock an uncomfortable situation for all parties. Liverpool and Manchester United They seem the best placed to convince the rojiblancos with an offer that ends Sal’s career in the Metropolitano.

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Oblak’s partner in the goalkeeper

First Ivo Grbic asked for a loan to dispute the minutes that were denied, and will be denied, with Oblak ahead. Then, the option of staying for a further course supported by Berta’s own commitment was considered. Now, as you told MARK last Saturday, a sale is raised to get money and go to the market in search of a guarantee goal to live with Oblak. Be that as it may, Atltico has not just closed the goalkeeper who will be second and only play the King’s Cup except for the Slovenian’s physical setback.

Take out a side between Arias or Vrsaljko

As a year ago the Attic had three right sides. The untouchable Trippier, the one that hardly counts, Vrsaljko, and the recovered, Arias. The Colombian is the one with the most ballots to abandon once again the entity before the good poster that it continues to have despite its very serious injury, which prevented it from succeeding in its transfer at Bayer Leverkusen. It is not ruled out, in any case, that Sime also leaves before facing what is the last year of his contract with the rojiblancos. Then the Athletic Directorate of Atltico would go to the market to find a replacement warranty from Trippier.

“Madrid and Barcelona have almost always been superior, that does not mean that they are better”

Look for assignments to young people with whom you do not have

Andrea Berta, with the last reconstruction of the quarry, is also the head of the subsidiary. Hence, I have work to place many of the players who are now under Cholo’s command but who will not stay in the first team or want to do so in the subsidiary after the last relegation. Some of them (Camello, Roro, Soriano, Montero or Valera) have plenty of status to find accommodation in First or Second, a job that Berta must finish outlining, as well as the new assignments of Saponjic and Manu Sanchez. More work for the Italian, to whom the tasks accumulate three weeks before the start of LaLiga.