Barcelona’s 1×1 against Real Sociedad

Barcelonas 1x1 against Real Sociedad


Even without Ter Stegen, the Brazilian goal started the first post-Messi League as a starter. La Real did not worry him for a long time, with 20,385 spectators, until Lobete and a goal from Oyarzabal brought him a Hitchcock-style finish.


With extreme theorists who tend to seek the interior corridors, the offensive presence of the full-back became more necessary than ever.


Early ownership, a sign of maximum confidence for a newly arrived signing. In a Barça with the ball, he seems an ideal center-back.


The first ball that touched the stands he already applauded. Lowering your salary may explain the initial reaction. The second ovation was justified by his splendid shot on goal for 1-0. The center-back has to assume the role of veteran teacher in an axis of the rear that tends to change the generation.


He is asked for influence and frequency in the attacking phase and he gave it, with the deep 3-0 run as the best example. Messi’s biggest partner in recent years is adapting to the new ecosystem. Good defensive aids.

Busquets Classic

One more league, head of the culé engine room. With the organized team, their work looks like it did before.


It is for Koeman, who waited for him to line him up after a week with discomfort. He ran well in both directions, made good orientation changes and capped his great first half stealing a ball and putting it on Braithwaite’s head for 2-0. He left a delicious control for a goal that was not worth, shortly before being relieved.


Until the last drop of his soccer juice, untouchable wherever he goes, be it the European Championship, the Olympic Games or Barça. The beach, for another summer. He appreciated the good general tone of the team. He brushed the goal with a shot in the second half.


Without Messi, the Frenchman jumps up the ranks of command. Your challenge will be to respond to that, even if it’s on an earthly level. An acrobatic shot and a header to the crossbar in the opening minutes demonstrated that desire for transcendence, scoring a goal, but offside. He led the action that ended at 4-2.


Called to be the most spectacular reference with the ball at the feet. That impossible hat was the first gift to the fans on their return to the Camp Nou. The second gift, an exquisite center at the head of Piqué for the 1-0. The third luxury, a great pass to Alba that was the preamble to 3-0. If he gets to put that Vaseline from 40 meters, Camp Nou already falls. It would have been ‘Leo Memphis’.

Braithwaite REVALUED

Stuck in a sandwich of difficult digestion, in the market and at the same time a starter, he responded with commendable tactical discipline, opening the field on the left, and a surprising performance: he scored the 2-0 entering with everything to head to goal, the 3- 0 in his natural position of ‘9’ and gave the 4-2 with a counterattack that would have signed the best winger. If it is necessary to sell him, that the clubs of the Premier know that the Danish is the Pichichi of LaLiga.


The Brazilian’s first game with Barça, which will be a direct competition for Dest if he doesn’t get lost as he did in Lobete’s 2-1.

Sergi Roberto RELOCATED

He gave De Jong rest in the wide zone, his position of yesteryear after a long time in lane 2. He celebrated with the ‘box to box’ goal that ended the suspense.


They endorsed a foul that was not and ended in 3-2. What a way to make the premiere bitter.


Minutes for the Uruguayan, who hopes to be an important player this season.


With 3-2, Koeman wanted to tie the score with another center-back, relieving Memphis.

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