Barcelona SC, the ‘intruder in a Copa Libertadores semifinal among Brazilians ”, says the auriverde press | Football | sports

The yellow ones eliminated Fluminense last night at the Monumental stadium.

The diaries of the land of nice joke The definition of the Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Mastriani, from Barcelona SC, who added to eliminate Fluminense in the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores, stands out as ‘wonderful’.

Brazilian football celebrates a new milestone: three Brazilian teams will contest the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores 2021, a record in the main club tournament in America that, however, can have an unfortunate outcome.

The defending champion Palmeiras, Atlético Mineiro and Flamengo engraved their names in the history of a competition that has been held since 1960. Since then, in the kill-by-kill format, three teams from the same country have never fought the semis.

The record could have been higher if Fluminense had beaten Barcelona in Ecuador. Poker would have equaled Mexican records in the Concacaf Champions League (2003, 2009-10, 2015-16), the only club competition that has played a semifinal with four teams of the same origin.

Throw: “In the Ecuador game, Flumienense started better, but suffered two injuries that changed the course of the game, in addition to creating few chances of real danger, despite expressive possession of the ball. Thus, the level in Libertadores reflects the difficulty of the team to perform well. At 62 minutes it was Yago Felipe’s turn to get injured. And it was at this point that the team definitely lost the center of the field, taking advantage of Barcelona ”.

Daily O Day: “Needing to win to qualify for the Libertadores semifinals, Fluminense visited Barcelona de Guayaquil in Ecuador, but with a lot of disorganization and little effectiveness in the possession of the ball, the Tricolor was only 1 to 1 and was eliminated in the Libertadores.”

“In the second half, Barcelona, ​​with an advantage in the tie, got even more defensive and tried to play Fluminense’s mistake. The game, with a very low technical level, was safe in the first 25 minutes. At 27, Barcelona finally arrived in danger, shook the net and made life even more difficult for Fluminense. Hoyos gave Mastriani a ball to dominate and hit the ball wonderfully, with no chances for goalkeeper Marcos Felipe. The Tricolor, in need of victory, went over the Ecuadorian rival, but without any organization ”.

Jornal do Brasil: “Fluminense crashes in Libertadores and frustrates the 100% Brazilian semifinal in the tournament. The tricolor drew 1-1 with Barcelona, ​​who will face Flamengo in the next phase. The goal that opened the scoring was scored in the 27th minute of the second half. Hoyos shot over the tricolor defense, Mastriani dominated Marcos Felipe face to face and hit the goalkeeper’s exit. In the last minute of the match, Fluminense had a penalty in his favor, signed with the help of the VAR, and Fred converted. The tie, however, was insufficient for qualification ”.

Sports Gazeta: “Playing at the Monumental Stadium, in Guayaquil, Barcelona eliminated Fluminense and qualified for the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. The Ecuadorian team drew at home with the Tricolor 1-1. With the result, Barcelona will be an intruder in a Brazilian semifinal. Flamengo will be his next rival. Palmeiras and Atlético Mineiro fight in the other key ”. (D)