Barcelona is willing to ‘immolate itself’ to retain Lionel Messi

1627545960 Barcelona is willing to immolate itself to retain Lionel Messi

It may seem like a lie, but Barcelona he’s been without Lionel for almost a month Messi. They await you at the club on August 2, the day on which he will join the training sessions in Barcelona despite not having yet signed his new contract with the institution. The board of directors are willing to take on all the challenges and consequences of hiring the Argentine at this time.

“Blind faith & nbsp; in Messi”, title BRAND about the last hour around the future of the Argentine. Lionel has permission to debut with his teammates despite not being part of the club at this time and although It is expected that next week there will be progress in other pending Barcelona, ​​they do not rule out signing him even with the salary mass in the air and the exit operations halted.

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The consequences of its renewal

Barcelona needs to lower the wage bill before LaLiga starts. Starting the championship with the salaries that are handled right now without exits can have serious consequences with the institutions that regulate the tournament and of course with the financial Fair play. The 25 million of Messi’s new contract are approved in the club’s budgets it is true, but they would pose a threat to sanctions that right now the institution cannot afford.

Barcelona is willing to immolate itself to retain Lionel Messi

That said, Laporta and his team are willing to sign him even without having been able to meet the objectives set for the market. The departures of Griezmann, Coutinho and Pjanic continue without reaching a good port And although there is optimism, the days go by without great news. Only Atlético de Madrid came close to giving Barcelona a hand in this regard.

1627545959 655 Barcelona is willing to immolate itself to retain Lionel Messi

There is Faith that Lionel signs after seeing the reinforcements that have arrived and after witnessing all the formulas that the club has sought to retain him. August 2 will be his return to a Barcelona willing to ‘immolate himself’ in the future for the most decisive player in the team’s more than 122 years of history.