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A recent example of what the cost effectiveness for clubs worldwide with respect to television rights is he Barcelona.

The Spanish club needed income to be able to solve a economic crisis and to be able to reinforce his team, and he did it by transferring 25 percent of his activeonly for spreading the games of the Spanish league.

First he sold 10 percent in exchange for 207.5 million euros and, later, a further 15 percent for 335 million, for a total of 542.5 million euros, to the company. Sixth St..

“A clear example in the world is Barcelona, ​​of how a club has capitalized, the others are the Liverpool Y Man Utdamong others.

“He even has to sell players, get rid of assets because he has to see the profitability of the team, it is a rationality. What these types of clubs are looking for already goes beyond localities, it is to have a presence in several countries, continents, talking about clubs like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Manchester United “

Gerardo OrellanaExpert in sports sociology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico

According to the newspaper Brandthe Barcelona, in the 2020-2021 season, was the team that generated the most income from television rights in the Spanish league with 165.6 million euros. Real Madrid followed with 163 million and the Atletico Madrid with 130 million.

In total, LaLiga distributed among the teams of First division thousand 444.7 million euros (1 thousand 474 million dollars) for television rights27 more than in the previous campaign.

However, it is in the premier leaguethe most powerful tournament, where the television rights are a real “goal”.

In the 2020-2021 campaign, the income that the teams received in total was two thousand 518 million pounds sterling (two thousand 900 million euros and three thousand 40 million dollars).

Of these, the teams Manchester were the ones who received the most: the Citywith 168.72 million euros (171.9 million dollars) and the United with 167.61 million euros (170.2 million dollars); Liverpool was third with 166.3 million euros ($169.4 million).

In this way, there is income for all teams to get best playerswho will continue to raise the show of the league and, therefore, more fans worldwide will want to pay to watch their matches.

The NFL is not far behind

This type of phenomenon is not only seen in football, a striking example is the NFL and your project in USAwhich has focused on exploiting this type of channel for the dissemination of different television productseven now with the announcement of its new platform of streaming.

According to the League, NFL+ will allow fans tune in to games that are played outside their localities in all kinds of device and content produced by the teams themselves could also be included. It could be accessed through mobile app and the Web of the NFL.

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Barcelona and the Premier League, examples to follow – Indigo Report