Bale comes back to stay

1627072258 Bale comes back to stay


07/23/2021 –

Bale is back at Real Madrid 26 days after his elimination in the Eurocup and 307 days after his transfer to Tottenham last season. The gals returns determined to exhaust in the white team the remaining year of the contract. Come back to stay.

Bale: “My plan is to return to Madrid, I have one year left on my contract”

Bale has been a problem for Real Madrid for many summers and the current one will not be an exception. The white club took a break last season with the transfer to Tottenham after several years looking for an accommodation but upon his return the feeling is that it will be mission impossible to find a solution other than to make a hole in the template.

The player wants to stay and exhaust in the Real Madrid the remaining year of the contract. Dispelled rumors of a withdrawal, Bale not only wants to continue playing but he wants to do it in the white team, closing in principle to the possibility of exhausting his contract in another team. Bale didn’t say it, but Barnett, his agent, did.

Gareth Bale lets himself be loved by the return of Carlo Ancelotti: “We had a good time in the past”

At Real Madrid they are resigned to stay with Bale. Beyond sports issues, the main problem is the very high token that has (He is the highest paid player on the squad), who in times of crisis it is a heavy burden. However, Madrid have already made up their minds that the ‘Bale case’ will have no other solution.

Without Zidane and with Ancelotti

Beyond what moves in the offices, Ancelotti will have the obligation to squeeze the maximum Bale and try get it back for the cause. To get started, the ‘feeling’ that there was not with Zidane he has with the Italian, with which he performed at a high level in the two seasons that coincided. “I have a great relationship with Ancelotti, he will do great things at Madrid,” he said during the Eurocup.

1627072255 508 Bale comes back to stay

I have a great relationship with Ancelotti, he will do great things at Madrid

Gareth Bale

In fact, Ancelotti He was already in charge of opening the door for her on her presentation. “Gareth hasn’t played much, but he’s scored a lot of goals. I know him very well and he comes back. If he is motivated to play can make a good season, I have no doubts, “he assured.

Now you have the player at your command and the major challenge of recovering it for the cause after a handful of seasons away from his best. His transfer to Tottenham was disappointing and only a certain optimism has awakened his performance in the Eurocup.