Amando Moreno: “I feel like I can help El Salvador”

Loving Moreno, New Mexico United player of the USL, will live his first stage with the National Team of The Savior led by strategist Hugo Pérez, who has seen the potential needed in the 25-year-old midfielder to represent La Selecta in the Gold Cup.

With this opportunity in his hands, the player who also has American nationality knows that he has a great responsibility on his feet with his first great tournament defending the blue and white and in an interview for “El Güiri Güiru Al Aire” He pointed out that he can bring great things to La Selecta.

“I feel that I can help the team in attack by creating plays, generating opportunities. I liked the passion with which the group makes itself felt. When I arrived they made me feel very good, everyone was happy to be part of the team and that has been special for me. When you are new you can feel isolated, but everyone here has made me feel very good, “he said.

“When I was 17 they called me, but the opportunity was never given to be able to contribute to the team and about two months ago I got the news that they wanted me to be part of the team. I took out my passport and arranged all the papers to be able to come and I am happy to be here, “he added.

In addition to this, Moreno spoke of how important it is for his family and for him to be able to be part of the Salvadoran national team, because he thinks that it is the best option for your future as a professional.

“It was a very big decision for my family. I was still part of the under-10s. USA. I didn’t have much of a chance with them in the U18 and U20. With the opportunities that have come, I think it was the best option for me to be part of it because I think I can help a lot. It is a pride for me and all my family “, he sentenced.

His career in football

“At 15 I was part of the quarries of the Red bulls, two years later I got my first contract with that team and at 19 I had the opportunity to go to Tijuana with the Los Angeles team. Xolos because my dad is Mexican. I also spent six months with the Dorados de Sinaloa. After my time in Mexico I returned to the Red Bull with the second team and from there I went to the Chicago Fire. My last team I signed a contract with was the New Mexico United of the USL “, explained the soccer player.